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Supporting Carers: How The Key Safe Company Empowers Essential Workers

As we celebrate Carers Week, we at The Key Safe Company want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all carers and healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to supporting others. We are immensely proud that our secure, police preferred key safes play a crucial role in enabling these vital services.


Since our founding in 1996 by David Ogden, we have been committed to providing innovative access management solutions. Our police-preferred key safes have become indispensable tools for carers, emergency responders, and healthcare professionals, ensuring they can access homes safely and efficiently.


Our journey began with a vision to solve the problem of securely storing keys outside buildings, enabling essential services to be delivered seamlessly. Since the start, products have been designed with the end users’ needs at the forefront of our minds.


Today, we continue to develop and enhance our product offering. Our latest innovation, the ark Tamo™ Pro, is a maximum security key Safe with more than nine million combinations. This is a police preferred product, certified by Secured by Design, the official UK police security initiative that works to prevent crime, and has a LPS1175 'B1' rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board. This level of security is not just about convenience; it is about providing a reliable and faultless experience to help save lives and provide peace of mind.

The ark Tamo™ features large, easy-push buttons for comfortable use for all dexterities. These buttons are also illuminated, as is the interior, allowing 24/7 visibility. These elements have all been designed based on customer feedback.


 ark Tamo key safe developed with user in mind


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to supporting the care industry became even more critical. As thousands of patients were discharged from hospitals and required care at home, the need for secure and reliable access solutions was paramount. Our key safes ensured that carers could reach patients' homes quickly and securely, helping to maintain the continuity of care during these challenging times.


We are extremely proud of our role in transforming how care services are delivered. By allowing carers to access homes without the risk of forced entry, our key safes enable timely and effective care for those who need it. Our collaboration with the Telecare Services Association (TSA) further enhances this capability by allowing emergency call centers to share key safe codes with authorised personnel, ensuring immediate and secure access.


Carers Week The Key Safe Company


At The Key Safe Company, we take immense pride in supporting carers, emergency responders, and healthcare professionals. Your work is invaluable, and we are honoured to provide the tools that help you deliver your services safely and efficiently.


Our Key Safe team are exhibiting at the Care and Occupational Therapy Show in July, where Nicola Leadbeater, The Key Safe Company’s Strategic Account Manager for the Care industry, is hosting a seminar about how key safe solutions can improve the outcomes of individuals receiving care in their homes and how they can be integrated into existing home solutions. Nikki will also be sharing details about our police preferred key safes that are independently attack tested, making them the most secure and reliable solution for carers and emergency service.


Thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from the care sector, we have continued to refine and enhance our products. This has enabled us to open up our secure access management solutions to a wider market. Families with teenage children, dog walkers, tradespeople, and landlords, to name just a few, can now benefit from the same high levels of security and convenience that have transformed the care industry. Our key safes offer a reliable solution for managing access to homes and properties, providing peace of mind.

For more information on our range of products and how we can assist in providing secure access solutions, visit get in touch with our friendly UK based team, or browse our police preferred product range here.


This Carers Week, we celebrate you and the incredible work you do, and we reaffirm our commitment to supporting you with the highest standards of security and innovation.

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