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Supra C500
The UK's ONLY Police approved key safe

The C500 KeySafe provides a secure method of externally storing the keys to your property. The C500 is the only Police approved key safe in the UK. The C500 has achieved a security rating and is therefore as secure as a domestic front door.

  • Unrivalled security.
  • £59.94 Delivered*


  • * Free delivery for website sales only
  • What the Police say.

    The C500 is officially the ONLY Police approved KeySafe™.

  • How to code your KeySafe™.

    A video to help you code your KeySafe™.

  • How to install your KeySafe™.

    A useful video to help you install your KeySafe™ securely.

  • What people say.

    Video of what people say about the C500 KeySafe™.

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