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The Key Safe Company

At The Key Safe Company, everything we do focuses on improving quality of life. Since 1995, we have been striving to aid people to live their lives independently, and without limitations. At The Key Safe Company, we provide peace of mind.

Whether carers need access to your home, your children have forgotten their key and are locked out, or to securely hold a spare door key; everybody has a use for a key safe.

With the UK population steadily growing, and life expectancy increasing, The Key Safe Company helps to maintain and improve quality of life, while providing peace of mind.

On 1st August 2010, we began shipping our champion product, the Police Accredited KeySafe™ - The Supra C500. By combining industry-leading security and ease-of-use, we have created an extraordinary key safe. Numerous testimonials support the success of our products. Our reviews partner, eKomi, has collected over 9000 appraisals top date. With an average score of 4.7/5, this feedback highlights our achievements as a company.

Below are some of our favourite reviews;

"I bought the best available key safe to protect my home. This safe is insurance and police approved. I was happy with the whole buying experience as I was kept up to date at all stages. Good Buy."

"Very substantial key safe delivered very quickly. Good email confirmation of the order and the courier was able to tell us the delivery time to a one-hour slot.

Very impressed with the C500 key safe."

"High-quality, secure product - not the cheapest, but just maybe the best.

I particularly liked the ability to have the Key Safe installed; a service which saved me a round trip of 300 miles when I ordered one for my elderly mother."

"Excellent, it is a strong & I feel safe keeping my key in this outside key safe."

Of course, we would say that. Find out for yourself what others think of our products by visiting our third-party review service, eKomi.

Two million key safes later, and our passion for customer care and improving the quality of life has only increased. We continually search for new ways to provide peace of mind for loved ones.

In 2016, we introduced One Touch - The Personal Alarm With a Difference. The personal alarm device is unique to match the needs of users. The device delivers independence for users while assuring loved ones and carers.

One Touch implements a personal alarm that calls three loved ones or carers at the same time, ensuring that to SOS call will be answered. More remarkably, the device works anywhere in Europe. We recognise that as the population ages, retirement is now the time to be more active and live a life without limitations. Users can remain confidently independent, knowing that loved ones and carers are a single button press away.

We also partnered with Sanatmetal to bring you WIWE - A Portable EGC Monitor which acts as a Stroke, Arrhythmia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk assessment device.

Quality of Life and Peace of Mind can be challenging to maintain when living with or recovering from ill-health. With the WIWE, you can regularly assess your health, while remaining aware of any potential warning signs. By using a heartbeat monitor and SP02 (blood oxygen) sensor, the WIWE lets you know any concerns in less than 60 seconds.

Additionally, the WIWE provides users with the means of sharing the results with their GP for regular review.

Here is a review on the WIWE written by Dr Kenan Raddawi, an e-health expert at Medgadget, a leading independent medical technology website.

If you would like to discuss your personal needs with us, we would love to hear from you. Get in Touch with our team here.

Thanks for visiting.

The Key Safe Company

Trust. Quality. Passion.

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