Tips N’ Tricks on How to Protect Your Home Over Halloween

Enjoy halloween with a police preferred key safe

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to offer you some tips on the best way to protect your home, including which handy devices to install, including our police preferred outdoor key safes.  

Halloween can be a great night and fun for everyone. Up and down the country, kids are getting excited while deciding what spooky or fantastical costumes they are wearing, while parents stockpile bags of sweets ready for Trick or Treaters. Halloween isn’t just for the younger ones! Plenty of adults will also be looking forward to a Halloween-themed party or a trip to the movies to watch the latest horror film.  

With all the fun and excitement, however, there will always be opportunists. Did you know that crime spikes during Halloween in the UK, with insurance claims for theft increasing by 41%? 

Below are some simple measures you can take, so you can go out and enjoy the celebrations without any worries ruining your night: 

Keep the lights on:

If you have plans for the night and can’t stay home, trick people into thinking that you are. Opportunists are less likely to go near a house if they believe that there are people home, which you can emphasise even more by leaving the radio or television on. Putting your lights on a timer will also make it look like someone is turning the lights on and off- just don’t forget to set the timer so that the lights go back on again!  

Motion sensor lighting is another excellent deterrent, as it will illuminate whoever is getting too close to your property, making them visible to others. This sort of lighting is best near any areas of access, such as the front and back door- where intruders definitely shouldn’t be lurking! 

Keep windows and doors locked:

This may go without saying, but we have all been guilty of forgetting to lock the back door or close an upstairs window at some point in our lives. In fact, 9 out 10 of us have stopped to remember if we did lock up our house before we left for the day1.  

However, if you intend to be out for the evening over Halloween, you must double-check that all windows are shut before you leave, and you have locked any external doors to your property. Nearly half of all burglaries are a ‘spur of the moment’ crime, so don’t give anyone the opportunity2


Set up a security camera:

Cameras are a good means of preventing anyone from going near your property without your permission and are a great form of evidence if the worst were to happen.  

Just make sure that when you install your camera, it functions correctly and has a full view of your property, especially access points, without any obstructions.  

An extra tip for you, in order to protect the privacy of your neighbours ensure that the view of your cameras does not include views into your neighbour's property. 

Install an external key safe:

When protecting your home, often the most overlooked area is protecting your house key, a vulnerable key means a vulnerable home.  

So why tempt fate by taking a house key out with you at all?  

Your property could be at risk if your key falls out of your bag of fairy dust or ghoulish pocket while you are at a Halloween-themed party, and nobody wants the inconvenience or cost of having to change the locks or get a new key cut.  

That’s where we can help. You may have considered key lockers or lock boxes before, however not all of them offer the same levels of security or offer you peace of mind like one of our wall-mounted key safes.  

Our police preferred range, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™ offer the best in key storage security, thanks to their formidable security rating, and they are certified by third parties, including the LPCB and police initiative “Secured by Design”. These devices are the most secure mechanical key safes available in the UK, so you know that your key and your home are safe, and your family can enjoy a frighteningly fun evening.