Automotive Access Control

When The Key Safe Company started back in 1996, some of the first products we sold were our automotive key safes. Today, our solutions are an integral part of vehicle access management of car auction houses, vehicle sales dealers, and storage and holding sites.

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How Can Our Key Safes Help Automotive Businesses?

• Save time and money spent on fetching keys by keeping them exactly where you need – by the vehicle

• Spend more time talking to customers and closing out sales, right next to the car

• Allow quick and easy access to fleet or stock vehicles, avoiding expensive automotive keys and fobs from being misplaced, damaged or stolen

• Make your business safer and more efficient by adding key storage into your risk assessment, health and safety and security policies

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By having the key stored on the car, we save a lot of legwork and are always available to our customers to answer any questions. We can easily save 15 minutes per customer and provide a better service as a result.

Popular Products For Automotive

Supra Magnum Push Button Key Safe


Supra Indigo Key Safe

Supra Plant & Machinery Slimline Key Safe


Work With Us

We’d love to help to find you the right solution for your access control challenges. Let’s talk.

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We Open More Than Just Doors

At Key Safe, we unlock convenience and ultimate peace of mind. Since 1996, we’ve been enabling better lives with high quality key storage solutions. Always pushing the boundaries, we’ve positively disrupted the way keys are shared today.

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