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About The Key Safe Company

A trading name of Supra UK, we are leading access experts, positively breaking boundaries and setting new standards of innovation, product quality and customer service.

More than 2 million people trust our key safes and access management. Our cutting-edge solutions have become a core component of service delivery and access management.  Vulnerable people now receive care in the comfort of their homes, safe in the knowledge that their carers can gain entry safely and securely. Thousands of finance and utility businesses rely on our proven solutions to protect their assets. Property owners and guests can access their accommodation with ease without the need for unnecessary travel. Keyholding service providers save many hours of running for keys so that businesses can focus on delivering their brilliant services. 

We are humbled to have marked an impressive number of industry firsts along the way. We introduced the concept of property access via a key holding device into Europe, which was adopted as the industry standard for delivering service excellence and business efficiencies. No required door modifications mean owners can maintain full control of their property while allowing third-party service providers entry on demand.

As Europe’s first ISO-approved company to sell key safes, we worked with the world’s leading building-science centres to help regulate the industry and develop the Police Preferred Standard. We designed the Supra C500 Pro Keysafe™ and Supra P500 Pro Keysafe™ - the first two key safes to attain the LPCB LPS1175 Issue 8 A5, and SBD accreditations. Not only are they the most secure mechanical key safes available in the UK, these devices are amongst the UK’s most trusted key safes for local authorities and telecare service providers, delivering life-critical services. Through close partnerships with the telecare industry, we led the way in promoting the first end-to-end telecare solution. Today, we continue to serve the community by listening to our customers and developing products that strive for the highest levels of quality, customer satisfaction and business efficiencies.

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