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How can a Key Safe help the Emergency Services?

In the event of an emergency, key safes are able to grant immediate access to the emergency services or responders. Installing a secure key safe external to your property means that doors or windows don't need to be forced and responders no longer need to wait for key holders such as relatives or friends to arrive. Providing a guaranteed means of access reduces delays in valuable assessment and treatment time. Our key safes have been proven to reduce response time and ensure access to vulnerable people. 

The Key Safe Company are members of the Telecare Services Association (TSA) and our key safe products are recognised and recommended by leading Telecare service providers. We continually work with leading industry experts and the emergency services to ensure our products are suitable and integral to the delivery of emergency care. Our range of key safes are the perfect solution to grant immediate, authorised access in the event of an unforeseen emergency.


Key safes can prevent forced entry and save your life as well as hundreds of pounds

If the emergency services need to gain access to your property and you can’t get to the door, they could break down the door if they believe there is a risk to the patient.

In this case, they are unlikely to pay for any damage if they had justifiable reason to force entry into your premises, we know as people often ask us about this.

If you have a keysafe we advise you to pass the code to your local emergency services.

They can then gain access to your property quickly, and without forced entry.

Case Study: Bedfordshire Bobby Vans

The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust Bobby Scheme was created to support elderly and vulnerable victims of crime, and more recently domestic abuse, provides free home security checks and deals with immediate security issues. As part of an assessment one of the team will visit to enhance the security and safety features in a home. The fitters will install a wide range of security improvements and advice as well as fitting the Supra C500 KeySafe™ to allow unrestricted access to the home for users without the need for multiple keys.

Martin Darlow, Chief Executive at the Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust, commented: “The scheme was set up a number of years ago to plug the gap for elderly and vulnerable people who were unable to afford to protect themselves in the home. Many people we see have already been victims of crime and do not have the means to prevent themselves from further risks. “The scheme has proven beneficial to the community as we found the chances of an elderly person becoming a repeat victim of crime, in the first six months after an incident, drops from 14% to just 1% if they have had a visit from us.”

The organisation, which relies on charitable donations, receives referrals from a range of sources including the police, local authorities, fire services, as well as families of elderly people who feel they could benefit from the assessment. Martin added: “As well as installing security measure we fit key safes as requested as we feel they are a vital addition to the homes of elderly and vulnerable people as they may often have care workers visit the home throughout the day. It ensures that numerous people aren’t holding keys and gives people the peace of mind that their keys are safely locked away. “We’ve fitted other key safes but currently use The Key Safe Company, which are the best on the market. What was really important to us was that the Supra C500 was police accredited, which gives us the confidence to further recommend.”

As part of the partnership between the scheme and The Key Safe Company, each of the fitters were taken through a training course with the company to receive a key safe accreditation. The product has an accredited certification from The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection. Recognised by Secured By Design, as well as leading home insurance companies, the product has undergone rigorous tests devised by security experts to demonstrate a comparable attack resistance to a domestic front door. David Ogden, Managing Director for The Key Safe Company, commented: “Key safes provide a vital resource for elderly and vulnerable members of our society and we’re keen to ensure we’re assisting schemes such as the Bobby Vans to help reach those who may be more susceptible to crime. We recommend anyone who knows someone who could benefit from our service to get in touch.” 

Case Study: Oldham Mountain Rescue

OMRCovering the Peak District National Park and rural areas of Greater Manchester, the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team provide a search and rescue service for people in difficulty in wild and remote places. The Team has recently received The Queens Award For Voluntary Service, which is the highest recognition that can be given to a voluntary organisation, for its fantastic work over the past 55 years. 

With volunteers on call 24 hours a day, it is vital that equipment and vehicles can be quickly and easily accessed at all times. The Key Safe Company donated a range of key safe products to the service, including its Supra P500 KeySafe and S7 Big Box KeySafe, providing volunteers with unrestricted access to the resources and equipment required to carry out search and rescue operations. To access the rescue vehicle quickly, the team have had a customised housing mount manufactured to the roll bars of the vehicle to house the S7 Big Box KeySafe. 

The Oldham Mountain Rescue Team also work closely with the emergency services during busy times, offering their specialist skills when required. The installation of the key safes allows the team to reach those in need of help quickly, which is vital in the event of an emergency.

Justin Parkinson, Chair of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, commented: “We have over 50 volunteers and rely on donations to help us carry out our work, so we are extremely grateful for the support from The Key Safe Company. Since installing the key safes, we no longer have to rely on key holders to access the building, which has certainly saved us a significant amount of time and allows us to get to those in danger in difficult areas much more quickly. ”

“Oldham Mountain Rescue Team was formed in 1964 and has grown significantly over the years. Despite dealing with difficult and often harrowing situations, there is a strong ethos within the team and we have become a family unit, both inside and outside of work.”

The company’s police accredited Supra P500 Key Safe is accredited  by ‘Secured by Design’ and is one of the strongest key safes on the market, offering the same security attack standard as a domestic front door. The S7 Big Box KeySafe is suitable when access to multiple keys is required, providing an efficient way to store car keys and fobs.

 David Ogden, Managing Director of The Key Safe Company, commented: “Oldham Mountain Rescue Team provide a vital service and it is great to see that our products can make such a difference. As well as providing a safe and secure method of storing keys, key safes also offer a convenient and time-saving solution, which is particularly important for services like Oldham Mountain Rescue Team.”