Commercial access control

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TRACcess BT Smart - Commercial electronic key safe

TRACcess BT Smart electronic key safe combines smart functionality with secure construction, offering the ultimate commercial access management solution.

Opened by Bluetooth via the free eKEY smart app, TRACcess guarantees instant access to authorised staff and contractors, in or out of working hours. All interactions are wirelessly logged on the secure EU-hosted TRACcess Manager server, providing a full audit trail of who accessed the keys and when.

Thanks to its sturdy cast steel construction, TRACcess has achieved the LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2 commercial security rating and ‘Secured by Design’ Police Preferred status, ensuring valuable keys, fobs and access cards aren’t at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

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Smart wireless operation for ease and convenience

TRACcess Bluetooth technology enables swift, straightforward and secure entry. Authorised users can simply open the device via the free eKEY smart app, without the need for network coverage or internet

Tough and reliable build

Constructed from heavy-duty investment cast steel, TRACcess has been built to offer exceptional attack resistance. In fact, TRACcess has been independently tested for security, achieving the LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2 rating, as well as the ‘Secured by Design’ Police Preferred specification.

Information at your fingertips with TRACcess Manager

The user-friendly TRACcess Manager software allows centralised administration of individual and multiple TRACcess key safes, across multiple sites if required. Review audit trails and manage devices and users in one place. Quickly and easily grant, change, or withdraw access permissions, allowing you to stay in full control.

No monthly subscription

App usage is free, with only a set up fee and quarterly service charge on the keys. We know that each customer is unique, therefore we’ll work out a bespoke package to suit each client’s needs.

Large capabity to suit all key types

The spacious internal vault of TRACcess can store over 7 mechanical lock keys, with the compartment shape allowing the storage of key fobs and access cards too.

Let's talk TRACcess

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