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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KeySafe?

Should I fit the Supra KeySafe™ by my front door ?

How can I prevent the code from being changed?

Is there any additional support for setting the code?

Why do I need a Supra KeySafe™?

How many potential combinations are there on a Supra KeySafe™ ?

The C500 has LPS approval- What is this?

Can the Supra KeySafe™ be broken into ?

The Supra KeySafe™ features a passive arming locking facility - what does that mean ?

Does the C500 Keysafe™ have insurance acknowledgement?

What do the Police think about the Supra KeySafe™ ?

What is the best way to open the C500 KeySafe™ when received?

Where do I obtain a Torx head screwdriver part?

In your product literature you state the Supra KeySafe™ range are of monococ design - what does that mean ?

How secure is a KeySafe?

Do I use a screwdriver for installation or just a drill?

Forgotten Code

Why is the C500 the only Police approved key safe?

I have moved into a house with a Supra KeySafe™ already fitted. The person who lived here before has sadly passed away and we do not know the code. Please can you help ?

I would like to change the code in my Supra KeySafe™ please can you advise how I can do that?

How can I prevent the code from being changed?

What if somebody who knows the code is no longer authorised to use the Supra KeySafe™?

What should I do if I experience any problems with the product?

Can the fitting kit be re-used?

I have a classic range Supra KeySafe™ and notice you have your contact sticker on the front cover - why is this ?

Where can you use a key safe?

Will a Supra KeySafe™ reduce the security of my property ?

How easy are the Supra KeySafes to install?

Is secure ?

What are the Supra KeySafe™ covers made from?

Is there any additional support for setting the code?

Is the fitting kit suitable for all substrates?

Can I use a screwdriver to set the code?

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