8 Reasons to Buy an Outdoor Key Safe

Are you looking to improve convenience with your house key storage? Have you heard about outdoor key safes, but you’re not convinced that they are right for you? 

We understand the importance of key storage solutions that offer ultimate security whilst improving ease and access. An outdoor key safe can offer so many benefits to people’s lives, but the advantages are not always apparent on first glance. We are here to talk you through why we believe key safes are a great idea for any homeowners and build clarity around any qualms you may have. Read on to find out some of our favourite scenarios to improve your life. 

What is the purpose of an outdoor key safe?

An outdoor key box is an excellent option for safe key storage. They are usually mounted on a wall or some can be padlocked onto a gate or fence. Key safe boxes can even be used over a door in more temporary scenarios, such as hospital discharge or house viewings by estate agents. Most of our key safes are combination code boxes, though there are alternatives that can be accessed using Bluetooth. The standard capacity can store up to 6 keys, which should be enough for general property access. The prominent purpose of key lock boxes is to improve convenience and offer solutions for several challenges that commonly arise around safe and easy home access. 

Reasons to buy an outdoor key safe

8 benefits of an external key safe:

1. Freedom for getting outdoors

There are endless scenarios where an outdoor key safe can enhance life quality. You no longer need to leave your key in an unsafe spot, such as under a flowerpot or behind the bin. Think of all the times you weren’t quite sure if it was a good idea to leave your house key in ‘that secret spot’. Well, you can find freedom by going for that jog or country walk without having to carry any extra weight or worry about losing the key, whilst having complete peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

2. Key sharing with friends and loved ones

Your friends and family members can let themselves in using your key safe and pop the kettle on, instead of waiting out in the cold. Key sharing can be simplified by not needing to keep track of who has your keys. You have control over who has access to your key safe code and can update the code at any point giving the code to a trusted few. They can run over to feed the cat when you’re stuck behind with work or check that you turned the iron off just to bring you peace of mind; we’ve all been there!

3. Accessibility for those needing extra care

There are times in life when we need some extra care. It may be an older relative or someone just out of hospital, and we can improve accessibility for those people allowing carers to check-in on them with ease. An outdoor key safe could allow you to bring some soup around, warm it on the hob and take it to a poorly person in bed. Or you could sooth loneliness by asking a trusted neighbour to pop by for a caring chat. If someone is struggling with their memory, you can feel assured that there will always be a spare key somewhere safe and reliable.  

4. Secure entry for workers

No more worrying about having to book time off work to let the plumber in when your hot water goes down. Or maybe you’re planning ongoing renovation with increased traffic from workers. Save time on planning with a security key safe, and just look forward to enjoying your home improvements! 

5. Save money on key locksmiths

You can install a key safe box for about the same price as one visit from the locksmith. So, you’ll quickly make a return on investment by saving the money for all those times you would have mislaid your house keys. 

6. Not only for house keys

External key safes can hold much more than just house keys, some of our key lock boxes can hold up to 6 keys! Think car keys for easy car sharing or place a bank card inside for someone to pick up securely. There may be additional access cards or key fobs needed to gain entry into different areas of your building. Rest assured; we’ll have an option that can meet your required need.

7. Offers emergency access

In the unfortunate event that emergency home access is needed by paramedics or fire fighters, they can be provided with the key safe code to gain safe and swift entry and get to resolving the emergency as soon as possible. It’s just another layer to bringing you peace of mind that we have covered with our police preferred key safes.  

8. Great for Airbnb self check-in

Boost your business opportunities by using an outdoor key safe for Airbnb self check-in. Guests can let themselves in easily to improve their experience and sense of privacy for their stay. You can also offer access to any cleaners needed in between guests for a quick and easy turnaround. 


If you were wondering about the benefits of an outside key safe, hopefully your mind is now ticking with the endless possibilities of improving home access. If you have any further questions, please feel very welcome to contact our team and we will be very happy to get back to you. And hop over to our social pages on Facebook or Instagram to let us know your favourite key safe scenario that’s popped to mind!