Digital Switchover 2025: What does this mean for access management?

Are you ready for the digital switchover that will affect 1.7 million telecare users in the UK?

By the end of 2025, all phone lines in the UK will become digital. This transition from analogue to digital telephony systems will massively impact the way telecare is delivered.

As a leading supplier of access management solutions to the UK telecare industry, we’ve answered some common questions on what impact the digital switchover will have on key storage devices.

What is the Digital Switchover?

The digital switchover is the move from outdated and unsustainable analogue to digital phone systems, and all phone calls will be made over the internet using a technology called VoIP. It is set to take place in 2025, and it's crucial to ensure that all telecare devices are compatible with the new digital system. Traditional telecare devices use the old analogue telephone system, and this change may affect the functioning of older telecare devices.

Why does this matter?

The switch to digital will have a significant impact on access management for telecare providers, as well as those receiving telecare in the UK. It's essential everyone is prepared for this change to ensure that all devices are compatible with the new digital system. The switch will require proper planning, as telecare service providers must ensure that devices are compatible with the new digital system.

Will the digital switchover impact key safes?

Will all mechanical key safes need replacing?

One question that often comes up regarding the digital switchover is whether all mechanical key safes will need to be replaced. The good news is that mechanical key safes will not be affected by the digital switchover, as they do not require a telephone network connection to function.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your mechanical key safes will not be affected by the switch to digital.

Where can you find more information about the Digital Switchover?

If you need more information about the digital switchover, the Technology Enabled Care Services Association (TSA) has created a bank of resources. You can also contact Key Safe's friendly UK-based team, who are happy to answer any access management queries.

The digital switchover is an essential change that aims to positively impact telecare in the UK. While the switch may seem daunting, we hope you find it reassuring to know that mechanical key safes will not be affected.

If you're using the digital switchover as an opportunity to review your service delivery, get in touch with Key Safe to explore how our key storage solutions can improve efficiency and convenience.