The Key Safe family has grown

This article was originally published on Wednesday, 15 June 2022

The Key Safe Company are delighted to announce the incorporation of ark Life, a sister manufacturing brand, to help serve our mission of enabling better lives through high quality OEM access management solutions.

Both trading names of Supra (UK) Ltd, the ark Life brand will represent the company’s R&D and manufacturing division whereas The Key Safe Company will continue to serve as the business’ distribution arm, bringing high quality brands to market to include Supra, and now ark.

“It’s a particularly exciting time for the company as we reach several milestones. Last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary of serving the industry whereas this year marks the arrival of our first ever OEM key safe – ark Tamo™ – which has already received exceptional feedback from customers. With a number of exciting new products and services on the horizon, we felt it was important to distinguish our OEM offering in the marketplace by marketing our new innovative solutions under their own brand. Driven by customer voice, our cutting-edge products will be able to unlock a world of new possibilities for our B2B customers and the end user. Our chosen brand name, ark symbolises the journey into the terra incognita of unchartered potential - both to our partners and to us as a business,” explained Ausra Landey, Chief Brand Officer at Supra (UK) Ltd.

The Key Safe Company grows

The new manufacturing venture will further strengthen our already solid business relationships, allowing us to offer industry leading, customer-centric OEM products, resulting in the most secure and user-friendly access solutions on the market.

To reflect these changes we will be introducing some marketing and branding adjustments, most notably the inclusion of the ‘ark Life’ element into The Key Safe Company logo, to note our affiliation.

Other than the addition of the new brand and products, our other priorities and commitment to our customers remain unchanged. We will continue to distribute a wide range of quality access solutions, including the Police Preferred and Standard Security ranges, and to offer excellent levels of customer service and technical support, provided by our brilliant Key Safe team in Worcestershire.