A less-known but long-lived key box is still packing a mighty punch

This article was originally published on Wednesday, 23 June 2021

A family business, CR Morrow Limited is one of the leading used car dealers in County Down, and one of Supra UK’s very first customers.

Graeme Morrow, Dealer Principal at the Auto Centre, started purchasing Supra Max, Magnum and Indigo Automotive key safes more than 20 years ago and is still using the same equipment today. Attached to the vehicle door, Supra UK Automotive key boxes are ideal for both on-site use at the car dealership, and for use at auctions to store the vehicle key at the point of need. Graeme uses the Supra UK Automotive key boxes on vehicles in the Vauxhall used car compound, which is some distance from the showroom.

“Supra key boxes are just so convenient and make the whole process seamless. An average customer will want to see 2 or 3 vehicles; by having the key stored on the car, we save a lot of legwork and are always available to our customers to answer any questions. It is really time consuming to open all the cars and close them back up. With the Supra key management system, we can easily save 15 minutes per customer and provide a better service as a result,” says Graeme.

Car Key Safe - Auto Centre

“It’s a simple but very efficient system too. Replacing and reprogramming vehicle keys these days is so expensive, but with Supra key boxes, the key is always with the car so there’s less risk of it going missing. There are no key cabinets to organise, or keys to colour code, like with some key management systems, and it makes the whole vehicle viewing process really smooth,” Graeme adds.

Graeme would highly recommend the Supra Automotive key boxes to his industry peers: “If you’re a 50-60 car site, you may think it’s quite a bit of money, however, the Supra boxes will last as long as you’re in business. The Supra key safes we bought over 20 years ago are still going strong, so the longevity of the product means you get value for money.”

Don’t make your customers wait to view a vehicle, and stop running to the key office.

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