What are lock boxes and are they Police Preferred?

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Supra UK, trading as The Key Safe Company, is the exclusive distributor of Supra key safes in the UK. With over 2 million units sold, and the home of the UK's most secure mechanical key safes, our products are trusted by some of the UK's largest care providers and recommended by our growing community of loyal customers.
With over 267,000 burglaries in the UK this year alone*, we wanted to address a common misconception and run through the critical differences between a lock box and a key safe.
"Lock box" is also often used to describe a device to store keys and can also be used to denote a key safe. There is, however, a vast difference. As the name is very inclusive, people can often search online for a "lock box" when they mean a "key safe". We will explain the difference between a lock box and a key safe and exactly why a key safe should be the one and only option when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones.

What is a lock box?

A lock box is a broad term for a device that can store jewellery, passports and valuable documents such as birth certificates and bank statements that people tend to store somewhere discreet, like the back of a wardrobe or a kitchen cupboard. The same term is also often used to refer to a key box for internal use or an outdoor key safe for sharing a key. 

However, a lock box is not as secure as a key safe and is not the best option when it comes to protecting your home and who comes through the front door. This is why people choose us, and our range of police preferred key safes time and time again – a lock box is great for internally storing a key to a shed or a building with no valuable items. In contrast, a key safe protects your home and everything in it.

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a clever way to hide a spare key, offering better levels of security as opposed to leaving your key under a doormat or plant pot for someone unknown to steal. Unlike most lock boxes, a key safe typically offers a safer way to store keys. Still, you must be aware that even key safes do not all offer the same security standards and protection levels. In fact, some key safes are more like lock boxes, and are not as secure as the name suggests. Luckily, there's an easy way to tell which is which. When looking to purchase an outdoor key safe for protecting your home, we suggest focusing on the device's security rating and any accreditation it may have been awarded by external testing bodies such as 'Secured by Design'.

Our police preferred range, the Supra C500 ProKeysafe™ and the Supra P500 ProKeysafe™ are certified by the 'Secured by Design' police initiative and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). These two devices have attained the LPS1775 Issue 8 A5 certification, the highest security rating ever achieved by a mechanical key safe in the UK. Testament to its durability and impressive attack rating, the Supra C500 ProKeysafe™ was also named as the best key safe by Real Homes magazine in 2020.

We always recommend choosing security over price, especially when protecting something as valuable as the key to your home! Whilst lock box prices start as low as £15, the old maxim of 'you get what you pay for' is generally true, so don't expect high security from such devices. How sturdy a lock box is depends on its attack standard and the quality of the product, and most do not offer the same standard we do, if at all.

Does a lock box invalidate my home insurance?

As a distributor of key safes, we can't speak for the security of all lock boxes. However, we can advise that not all key-holding devices possess the same level of physical attack standards that ensure your spare key's security. Devices with third-party certifications are more likely to be recognised by most leading UK home insurers. We are pleased to say that our police preferred range, including the Supra C500 ProKeysafe™ and Supra P500 ProKeysafe™ have both.