Home access solutions provider, The Key Safe Company, has joined forces with other Worcester-based companies to support their local NHS workers. The organisation pledged 250 Supra C500 key safes free of charge, which provide a secure method of storing keys and granting home access. The key safes enable NHS staff to safely rely on trusted individuals to deliver help at home while they are at work saving lives. The Key Safe Company is now launching a nationwide ‘Helping Help Happen’ campaign with a heavily discounted offer.

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A Critical Care Outreach Sister, Ffion Bluck was one of the recipients of the Supra C500: “The key safe has made my life so much easier! I’m a sister in Critical Care Outreach – a bridge between the Intensive Care Unit and the wards. Our aim in to support staff and avert admissions to ICU where possible, however allowing for timely admissions if required. Because of my role, I work shifts and found that during the government guided isolation of the population, I was having difficulty with access to the house. My in-laws, who live next door, were able to monitor my children and home but due to them being in the vulnerable category my husband and I were depending on my children walking the dog and taking themselves to school. Having the key safe means I can get contactless help. In the past, my mother-in-law who lives next to us had to let my younger daughter in from school but now that we have the key safe, she can watch her unlock the door from a distance and know she’s back home safely. With both my husband and myself working during the day, we can rely on friends to walk the dog and the kids can let themselves in without having to worry about spare keys. We even intend to let builders to access the property without us having to be there as the key safe code can be changed so easily.”

David Ogden, the CEO at The Key Safe Company, said: “We can’t thank the NHS heroes enough for their unwavering dedication. Although the virus is currently under control, their hard work doesn’t stop here as they face an equally big challenge of tackling the backlog of routine procedures to return the NHS back to normal. We’re extremely proud to be supporting local communities through the ‘Helping Help Happen’ campaign which was a great success judging by the positive feedback from our local Worcestershire NHS workers. It was humbling to hear how our products enabled them to enlist help from their loved ones, by facilitating secure property access to deliver shopping, walking the dog or letting childcare or other service providers in safely and securely while they’re at work.

“We would love our police-accredited key safes to enable the wider NHS community nationwide to invite help in while they’re busy delivering their brilliance to the nation. Our products are trusted by over two million British homes to provide secure access to deliver goods and services. Our vision is to enable everyone to live better lives through removing the logistical and time constraints associated with property access”.

The Supra C500 key safe is available to NHS workers at a discounted price of £44.95 including VAT and delivery (UK mainland only) and is valid for orders placed before 31 December 2020. Go to www.keysafe.co.uk/helpinghelphappen to claim your unique NHS discount code.