5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Install a Key Safe on your Property



Supra UK Ltd, trading as The Key Safe Company, is the exclusive UK distributor of the Supra brand. With over 2 million units sold, our key safes have been revolutionizing the way people live their lives.

Trusted by the care industry for 25 years and with a growing community of loyal customers, our products have been leading the way in enhancing the lives of millions of families across the country.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why we think our key safes are a must-buy and an integral update to your home.


Our Supra Police Preferred range offers premium levels of security and allows controlled access to your property for trusted individuals. 

Following a design upgrade, the Supra C500 Keysafe™ and Supra P500 Keysafe™ achieved the formidable attack standard LPS 1775 Issue 8 A5 - the only mechanical key safes in the UK to achieve this rating, making them the most secure mechanical key safes on the UK market.

For added security, our Supra P500 key safe comes with additional features, such as an anti-attack metal insert, and anti-tamper plate to prevent your code from being changed without your knowledge or permission.  This is also ideal for people who experience memory loss as it prevents them from changing the code and then forgetting the new digits. We also offer an optional alarm hook up to a Grade 2 alarm (please note that this must be fitted by a professional alarm installer).

When shopping for a key safe, be aware that not all of them offer the same level of protection that our Supra range does. Independently tested key safes that have both ‘Secured by Design’ and LPCB accreditations will offer greater levels of protection – and we are pleased to say that our police preferred range have both. These third-party accreditations are recognised by most leading UK home insurance companies.


Key safes give you freedom. No longer do you need to wait around at home to let someone in. After you have given trusted friends and family your key safe code, you are free to enjoy each day without the inconvenience of always having to be home to answer the door. Just think of how much time you can get back! Instead of having to wait at home to let the cleaner in, you could be out spending time with friends and family. 

You can go on holiday without the worry of placing your furry friend in a kennel or a cattery - a pet sitter could come over and look after them from the comfort of home. A key safe means that you no longer need to put off that holiday- you can go on that long bike ride you have been planning for weeks, without the risk of your keys falling out of a pocket. A key safe lets you live life without limitations.


Key safes offer peace of mind and empower users to live life more freely - knowing that the security of their home is well looked after.

If you decide to go away on holiday, you may have concerns about whether your home is vulnerable. Installing a Supra key safe gives you the peace of mind while you’re away: someone you trust can house-sit, ensuring that your home is safe (and your plants get watered!) or your neighbour can get access at any time to look after the property while you go off to enjoy the things that matter – like spending quality time with your loved ones. In case of an emergency, key safes provide reassurance. In the event of illness or injury, emergency services can access your home if you can’t get to the door. Simply tell the paramedics or police your key safe code which will save the emergency services valuable time that would otherwise be spent looking for a hidden spare key or trying to work out another point of entry. 


Need to give access to friends, family, or neighbours? Instead of handing out numerous spare keys, worried that they would be misplaced or lost over time, you could make the inconvenience a thing of the past by installing one handy solution. Our key safes will securely store your spare key -everyone you’ve trusted with the code can access at your convenience. 

You no longer have the hassle of having to rush home early from work because your child has returned home from school or a friend's house without their key! A key safe has the added advantage of allowing your older children independence, and you the convenience of not having to stay at home to let them in.


You may be fed up with having to hand out spare keys to loved ones, just for them to be misplaced. You have probably experienced the frustration of being locked out, your keys still sitting on your dining table.  Afterall, getting new keys cut is not cheap, and this pales in comparison to the cost of getting your locks changed! Our key safes offer a safe plan B as the spare key to your home can be securely kept in one of our police preferred key safes. The code ensures that only those you trust can gain entry, while the simple yet secure mechanism allows for ease of use and quick access.