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Which is the Best Police Preferred Key Safe?


Police Preferred KeySafe™ Comparison
  the_best_police_prefrerred_key_safe_p500_pro C500
Key Safe Model Supra P500 Pro Keysafe™ Supra C500 Pro Keysafe™
Independent Quality Standards

LPS 1175 Issue 8 A5 ref 1062h/01

LPS 1175 Issue 8 A5 ref 1062g/01

Anti-Attack Insert Yes - Heavy gauge steel vault liner insert
Anti-Saw and Drill Insert
Anti-Tamper Code Changing Cover  Internal Code Cover Optional
Weather Protection Cover
Internal Key Hook
Maximum Number of Keys Stored 6 6
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Weight 1.9Kg 1.71Kg
Colour Black Grey
Material Strengthened Zinc Alloy Strengthened Zinc Alloy
Maximum Number of Possible Combinations 4096 4096
Installation Service Available
House Alarm Integration From a professional alarm fitter
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Supra P500 Pro Vs Supra C500 Pro comparison

Helping you remain secure with added peace of mind.

Security is one of the utmost important things to consider when choosing how best to secure your keys externally on your property.

This is why our range of key safes includes two police accredited key safes, and they are by far the most popular choice.

Both the Supra P500 Pro KeySafe™ and Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™ are easy to use and designed for single-handed use with a well-spaced code keypad and large twist and pull open handle.

Both have a thick hardened zinc alloy single piece body construction, a large stainless steel locking bolt, a stainless steel punch resistant front plate and stainless steel hardened pin hinges, all specifically designed to withstand attack.

In addition to this specially designed construction, the Supra P500 Pro KeySafe™ has some additional anti-attack elements that make it our most secure key safe.

  1. Internal code cover: a screw plate that conceals the code-setting mechanism to prevent unauthorised code changing.
  2. Anti saw and drill insert: an additional layer of metal between the hardened zinc body and the locking mechanism.
  3. Heavy gauge steel internal vault liner: an additional metal inner compartment, another layer of protection between the hardened zinc alloy body and your keys.

This may leave you thinking how secure is a key safe? All of our police preferred key safes are designed as a security device working in conjunction with your other home security measures and installing a key safe will not invalidate your home contents insurance. 

You could also choose the optional alarmed version of the Supra P500 Pro Keysafe™. This can be wired into an existing grade 2 alarm system and provide an additional alarm if opened (pre-alarm loop) or an attempt to remove from the wall is made (24h loop).

Don’t forget your code combination is also a significant element to the key safe security, not just the reinforced construction. As a mechanical product, the code can be one digit or up to 12 characters long and anything in between. To attempt to guess the code would be a lengthy task, with over 1,000 code combinations on our classic range key safes and over 4,000 on the police accredited Supra P500 Pro KeySafe™ and Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™. 

For further advice on the best location to install your key safe read our FAQs page