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Choosing Your KeySafe™

It's a question we're asked every day - which key safe is the best?

The answer is simple; it depends on what you're using it for! Check out our handy guide to make sure you're getting the right one for the job!

Remember, all of our key safes come complete with fixings and weather resistant cover, so you can use your key safe outside. And we'll deliver on the very next working day! (If ordered before 3:45pm).

Supra C500 Pro - For Home and Family

If you 're looking for a key safe to use outside your house, look no further than the Supra C500.

If you're concerned about leaving your keys outside, this is the key box for you. This market leading key safe is constructed from attack resistant zinc alloy, meaning it will stand the test of time, as well as attack testing to LPS1175: Issue 8, A5. With Police accreditation from Secured by Design, this is our most popular keysafe™, and for good reason.


Family: You no longer need to rush back home to rescue a forgetful child, (or husband) from the rain.
Fitness: Don't carry a bulky set of keys around when you go for a run or hit the gym, keep  yopur keys securely at home and focus on your workout.
Pets: Allow authorised access to pet sitters or dog walkers.
Contractors: Running late from work? You can let your builder, plumber or tradesman in and avoid excessive fees for a wasted callout. Just change the code once they've gone and your keys are secure again.

At just £59.94, you can pick this up with free delivery. That's around half the price of a locksmith if you lose your keys.

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Supra P500 Pro - The Perfect Key Safe For Short Term Rentals or Air BnB
P500 Pro on shelf

The Supra P500 Pro is designed specifically for short term rentals and small business use.
This key box has the same Police Accreditation and Secured By Design rating as the Supra C500, but with the addition of a couple of things for convenience and security.

Why the Supra P500?

Code Cover: The Supra P500 Pro is equipped with an integral code cover, which shields the code changing mechanism from your tenants or unauthorised staff.
Security Insert: Whilst the Supra C500 Pro is more than robust enough to withstand industry attack tests, the P500 Pro is equipped with an additional pry resistant insert.
Alarm Integration: The Supra P500 Pro has an option of grade 2 alarm installation for additional security. This isn't a DIY job, but an alarm engineer should be able to do this without too much of a problem.

At just £78.70, the Supra P500 Pro comes with the peace of mind that your tenants or staff can be granted secure access without compromising on convenience or security.

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Slimline and Permanent - Discreet Key Safes For Limited Space
Slima nd perm on shelf

If space and discretion are an issue, we'd definitely recommend the Permanent or Slimline KeySafe™

The Original KeySafe™

In 1995, Supra UK began supplying the genuine GE Accesspoint Supra KeySafe™. This clever little device was welcomed by the care industry; so much so that over two million units later, they're still being specified by up to 86% of local authorities today!
The Permanent and Slimline KeySafes™ are the perfect way to discretely and securely store your spare key.

You can pick up either for £42.46. Don't forget all key safe orders are delivered for free, the next working day (3:45pm cut off)

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