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TRACcess BT Smart – Electronic Key Safe
Product Code: TRAC-Vault BT Smart L

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TRACcess Electronic Key Safe – For commercial use

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TRAC-Vault BT Smart provides the only universal means of achieving a secure, traceable and instant method to access facilities. This is achieved without changing or modifying any locks or doors, by storing keys, fobs or cards securely on-site in the TRAC-Vault electronic key safe.

The TRAC-Vault electric key safe is opened via eKEY – a smartphone App downloadable for each key holder from any App store. Each time TRAC-Vault is opened a record is sent to the TRACcess Manager server, providing a full audit trial of key holder access.

  • Universal solution to access keys, fobs and cards
  • Improve security
  • Store Keys to LPS 1175 SR2 commercial standard
  • Guarantee instant access for staff
  • Facilitate in or out-of-hours access to contractors
  • Improve response times
  • No longer any need to travel for keys
  • Reduce your total cost of access management 
  • Issue multiple sets of keys remotely
  • Eliminates cost of replacing locks
  • Eliminating the need for staff to hand-over keys
  • Live audit trail with e-mail notifications and job notes
  • Easy low cost installation
  • No power or network needed
  • EU server with data protection compliance
  • Quality secure product from UTC

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