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Key Safe's For Local Authorities

The Key Safe Company is proud to work alongside 86% of local authorities, with our products helping form vital public services.

The Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™ is used to enable secure and controlled access to healthcare providers and support staff without the need for multiple sets of keys. At The Key Safe Company, it is our purpose to create key storage and management solutions, ensuring that more time is spent with patients rather than looking for lost keys. 

The Portable KeySafe™ and J5 Over the Door KeySafe™ are portable solutions for void properties permitting access to tradespeople while the site is vacant. For a more permanent solution, The Key Safe Company offers police accredited key storage solutions such as the Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™, which allows access to a property when required.

Local authority houses in a street


Case Study: Wakefield District Housing

A housing association in Wakefield has responded to its tenants' increasing need for instant access, by undertaking The Key Safe Company's accredited key safe installer scheme. The installer program has assisted the WDH team in installing their P500™, and C500 Pro KeySafes™ enable caregivers secure and controlled access at any time of the day to their tenants. Alana Stanley, Senior Pest Control Officer for WDH, organised the training for herself and her team from the Repairs and Maintenance service. Alana commented that "We've always had two dedicated members of the team who have carried out all our key safe installations, but as we're seeing more of a need for care at home, we wanted other members of the team to understand how to install them correctly too.

"Most requests for a key safe are when a tenant have been discharged from hospital, and one has been recommended. By having a bank of trained employees, it means we can act quickly and efficiently when needed."

The training sessions demonstrate how to correctly and securely fit a key safe, ensuring that it is impenetrable. Each course offers on-site, and active participation ensures the trainees become fully confident in installation, providing maximum satisfaction for the clients. Alana expressed that "The training was really worthwhile even for more experienced team members to be able to refresh their skills and get answers to queries about the product." Throughout the session, members learn about the unique features of the Supra C500 Pro KeySafeTM. Upon completing the installer training session, members receive a certificate to indicate that they are authorised key safe installers.

 The Key Safe Company business development manager, David Smith, added that "With our customers at the heart of everything we do, to be able to work with Alana and the WDH team allowed us to cement our relationship. Our training sessions predominately offer training on our Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™, but as with this case, we can always tailor the training requirements based on an individual's needs."

The Supra C500 Pro is the UK's first mechanical key safe that is police accredited through the Secured by Design initiative achieving the LPS1175: Issue 6, security rating 1. The product has an authorised certification from The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection. The Supra C500 Pro has undergone rigorous tests devised by security experts to demonstrate an equivalent attack resistance to a residential front door. As a result, the product is recognised by Secured by Design, as well as leading home and business insurance providers.