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Anti-Tamper Plate for Slimline, Permanent, S7 and J5 KeySafe™

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The Anti-Tamper plate fits to the back of the lid of the KeySafe and is there to prevent unauthorised people changing the code of the KeySafe. Particularly useful if you have a holiday, tenanted or leased property.

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Compatible with the Slimline, Permanent, Portable, S7 and J5 KeySafes and used to prevent unauthorised code change.  Particularly useful for  holiday, tenanted or leased property.

Please note - the reason for the spacers is to make sure that when screwing the anti-tamper plate in place, it is not possible to over tighten the screws as this results in the anti-tamper plate bending under the excess pressure.

  • 2 x 1/8" Allen key anti-tamper screws (Screw driver bit not included)

  • 1 x Anti-tamper plate

  • 2 x Plastic spacers