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Replacement fitting kit for the Permanent (S5) and Slimline (S6) KeySafe

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Replacement screws for use when relocating a Permanent or Slimline KeySafe.

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This fixing kit contains 4x screws and is a replacement fitting kit should you wish to relocate your Permanent or Slimline Keysafe. This fitting kit is only compatible with either the Permanent or Slimline Keysafe and should not be used with any other Supra KeySafe.
This pack consists of four #14x2 3/4" countersunk Philips head screws. These fixings are specialist self tapping masonry screws that do not require wall plugs.
Installation instructions for both the Permanent and Slimline key safes can be found here.
  • 4x 5.3mm x 70mm (#14 x 2.75") Masonry Screws
  • These fixings cut their own thread in brick or concrete and do not require any rawl plugs
  • These masonry screws are tightened using a crosshead (Phillips) screwdriver