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WIWE is more than just a portable ECG; using powerful software, it is able to monitor and analyse your vital signs and flag any early warning signs of arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk-assessment in just one minute. These results can then be sent directly to your GP or specialist for further analysis.

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WIWE is a risk assessment device that can help predict and prevent cases of stroke and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

The credit card sized device measures blood oxygen (SP02) and heart rate, and then analyses that information via the free Wiwe app (Available on iOS 8.1+ and Android 5.0+) in order to warn users of any potential warning signs. This allows potential at-risk individuals to monitor themselves without the need for medical professionals, providing safety and self confidence.

It's a sad truth that most cases of SCA result in death within minutes. By identifying warning signs effectively and quickly, Wiwe hopes to change these shocking statistics for the better.

WIWE - A message from the heart. If we know about it, we can change it.

Here is a recent review on the WIWE written by Dr. Kenan Raddawi, an e-health expert at Medgadget, a leading independent medical technology website;

Powered by Sanatmetal

The WIWE uses a worldwide unique intelligent algorithm which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave to calculate if there is a risk of afib-related stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. If we know about it, we can change it!

ECG Recording
One of the main features of WIWE is ECG recording. Throughout the analysis the outstanding noise filtering helps to get the best possible results.
The evaluation calls your attention to any possible abnormalities detected in your ECG wave.

Pulse oximeter (SpO2)
Healthy or sick? Blood oxygen level is a very important indicator, which can inflict moderate exhaustion, but there are many severe diseases caused by oxygen insufficiency.

Shows the road to a healthier life
The use of the pedometer function helps to reduce the risks related to heart diseases.

The WIWE has shortly upcoming features such as a meal planner and a calorie counter.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide! Anybody can be affected, because as we grow so does the risk of stroke. On top of that there are other risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, smoking & stress.

Sudden cardiac death can happen anytime without a sign. - Identifying these signs early could save lives!

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  1. What is TKSCo. Installation service
    • TKSCo. Is now offering an installation service where we can supply and fit your key safe at a date and time convenient for you, usually within 5 working days.
    • The installation includes permanently fitting the key safe to an exterior brick or concrete wall.
    • The install engineer can also show you how to use your key safe and provide advice on how to set and change the code on your key safe.
  1. Where does this service cover?
    • The installation service is available across the UK, with the exception of some Scottish highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland.  Some remote locations may incur a time delay.
    • Please enquire regarding these regions and we will endeavour to do whatever we can to help.
  1. Who provides the installation?
    • Property line services have partnered with TKSCo. to install Supra UK Ltd t/a The Key Safe Company key safes
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    • All Property Line Services engineers are DBS checked.
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    • Installations can take place Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 daylight hours permitting
  1. Will I need to prepare anything before installation?
    • Just need to think about where you would like your key safe to be installed and ensure the area is clear for the work to take place.  We can provide additional advice on the best position here
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    • Someone will need to be available to meet the install engineer and agree on the location of the key safe to be fitted.
    • A Property Line Services engineer will arrive with a Property Line Services ID card.
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    • The install requires drilling 4 holes into brick or concrete.
    • The key safe will then be fixed to the wall using 4 self-tapping masonry screws.
    • The engineer can also show you how to use the key safe and how to code the key safe.
    • NB: for your personal safety the engineer will not be able to set your personal code on your key safe but can advise on how to use the code changing tool to set your personal code.  Tips on how to set the code can be found here
    • The work area will be left clean and tidy as it was found.
  1. How long will the appointment take?
    • A trouble-free install should take no longer than 30 minutes.
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Small print

*Only Supra UK Ltd supplied key safes are installed by our install engineer partner.

** Install appointment will be the day after expected delivery date at the earliest.  Please allow at least 1 working day for delivery of your key safe before booking your installation appointment.  An appointment time is a 2 hour time slot expected time of arrival.

This installation service does not include alarm integration for the P500 KeySafe.

Please note the C500 and P500 Police accredited KeySafe™ models can ONLY be fitted into brick or concrete.

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