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One Touch Personal Alarm
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One Touch is so much more than just a personal alarm for the elderly. It's a smart lanyard mounted device that allows your loved ones to continue living independently in their own home and beyond. Because the device operates via the GSM and GPS networks, it works throughout 28 European countries, giving your loved ones the freedom to continue living their life without restrictions, whilst providing peace of mind for both you and them.One Touch DOES NEED SETTING UP THEREFORE MAY TAKE 3 WORKING DAYS before delivery


- Locate the wearer via a unique website. Accessible from a PC, tablet or moble phone
- Calls up to three friends or family members at the same time
- Pressing the button enables a two-way conversation through the device
- Set up safe zones. Contacts are alerted if the wearer wanders.

This is not a life saving device

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One Touch is so much more than just a personal alarm for the elderly. It's a smart wristband or lanyard mounted device that enables your loved ones to continue living independently in their own home and beyond. Because the device operates via the GSM and GPS networks, it works anywhere in Europe*, giving your loved ones the freedom to continue living life without limitations, while providing peace of mind for friends and family.

If your loved one needs assistance, they can press the ergonomic emergency alarm button, which initiates a two-way call to up to three selected contacts at the same time. Alternatively, it can be integrated into an ARC telecare service**

One Touch can also act as a GPS tracking pendant for users that are living with Alzheimer's, Dementia or other conditions which mean they are likely to wander or become forgetful. Using and modern device with a web browser, you can set up, remove and monitor 'geo zones' to set up automated alarms if your loved one leaves, or enters, a predetermined area. You can also use the system to track the user's location over time, using the 'breadcrumbs' feature. Of course, all GPS tracking features can be turned off by the administrator for the user's privacy.


Always Available

When the SOS button is pressed, it calls up to three contacts simultaneously. When one contact answers, the other two will be notified. One Touch isn't fooled by voicemail, so if nobody answers, it will simply try again.


Connected. Anywhere.

Telecare doesn't have to limit you to the home. With people living longer, more active lives, we're finding more and more users want the peace of mind so that they can continue a busy life, with the 'just in case' covered. Check out this video to see how One Touch helped Bryan reach his activity target of 500 miles. By using a roaming SIM that covers all UK networks, you can be happy that your loved one is safe, and just a button away in case of emergency.


And When We Say Anywhere...

We mean anywhere! One Touch works in 28 European countries, so your loved one doesn't have to give up their annual trip across the pond for your peace of mind. No roaming charges, it just works.


Simplicity and Ease of Use

Setting up your pendant, adding or changing contacts and features is simple, and in your control. The portal is accessible through any modern web browser. If you have any queries, our dedicated technical team are here to help from 9 am-5:30 am Mon-Fri.


The Power To Live Independently

One Touch uses very little power when not in use, so unless the SOS button is pressed frequently, the battery will easily last more than a couple of days. We recommend charging once every three days using the included docking station. The charging dock is designed for users with low mobility, so there's no fiddly wires or charging ports to contend with, drop the pendant into the docking station, and it's charging! And don't worry, if the battery gets too low, all three emergency contacts will receive a notification.


Don't Leave Them Wandering

If your loved one tends to wander, the pendant can be tracked via GPS, using a satellite map. The secure online portal is easy to use. It can even be set up with safe or danger zones, which send a notification if your loved one leaves or enters a predetermined area. Of course, this feature can be turned off for privacy.


VAT Relief

This product is available for VAT relief under VAT Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for Disabled or Older People if you or the person you are buying this equipment for is 'chronically sick or disabled'. Find out if you are eligible for VAT relief in our FAQ's.



* Network signal-dependent

** Feature coming soon

  • Lightweight and tactile
  • Water and dust resistant to IP54, meaning that it is protected from dust and rain in everyday use
  • Calls multiple people at the same time with one press of the button
  • If pressed, the user will activate a two-way, clear and auditable conversation with the responder
  • Comes with a quick release, anti-ligature cord to ensure the wearer is not injured by the device in the event of a fall
  • Charged via a handy cradle approximately every 3 days if not activated
  • Fully recharged in 2 to 4 hours
  • Device sends an email to the responders should the device battery be low
  • Available in a choice of 4 colours
  • Can be used in 28 European countries
  • Tracks co-ordinates that can be sent to emergency services
  • Satellite map displays buildings and landmarks
  • For battery life, the device uploads its location for 20 minutes. Using the back end software or SOS button, this is temporarily to every 60 seconds, so that you can effectively track wandering loved ones.

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Our installation service is available nationwide for £58.

Installation service – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TKSCo. Installation service
    • TKSCo. Is now offering an installation service where we can supply and fit your key safe at a date and time convenient for you, usually within 5 working days.
    • The installation includes permanently fitting the key safe to an exterior brick or concrete wall.
    • The install engineer can also show you how to use your key safe and provide advice on how to set and change the code on your key safe.
  1. Where does this service cover?
    • The installation service is available across the UK (including Northern Ireland), with the exception of some Scottish highlands and Islands.  Some remote locations may incur a time delay.
    • Please enquire regarding these regions and we will endeavour to do whatever we can to help.
  1. Who provides the installation?
    • Property line services have partnered with TKSCo. to install Supra UK Ltd t/a The Key Safe Company key safes
    • You will be contacted by a Property Line Services representative to arrange your installation
    • A Property Line Services engineer will arrive with a Property Line Services ID card
    • All Property Line Services engineers are DBS checked.
  1. When can installations take place?
    • Installations can take place Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 daylight hours permitting
  1. Will I need to prepare anything before installation?
    • Just need to think about where you would like your key safe to be installed and ensure the area is clear for the work to take place.  We can provide additional advice on the best position here
    • The Property Line Services engineer will bring all necessary equipment, tools and supplies.
  1. What should I expect on the day?
    • Someone will need to be available to meet the install engineer and agree on the location of the key safe to be fitted.
    • A Property Line Services engineer will arrive with a Property Line Services ID card.
    • They will be able to advise you on the best position for your key safe on an external wall.
    • The install requires drilling 4 holes into brick or concrete.
    • The key safe will then be fixed to the wall using 4 self-tapping masonry screws.
    • The engineer can also show you how to use the key safe and how to code the key safe.
    • NB: for your personal safety the engineer will not be able to set your personal code on your key safe but can advise on how to use the code changing tool to set your personal code.  Tips on how to set the code can be found here
    • The work area will be left clean and tidy as it was found.
  1. How long will the appointment take?
    • A trouble-free install should take no longer than 30 minutes.
    • We would expect a full appointment to take no more than 1 hour.
  1. Rescheduling or cancelling an install?
    • Sometimes not everything goes to plan, you can reschedule your install with 24 hours notice by contacting Property Line Services on 07563 105 128 to re-arrange.
    • A refund can be arranged for a cancelled install via 01905 770 333.
    • A refund for installation will be provided when no installation appointment has taken place and more than 24 hours notice has been given for rescheduled and cancelled installs.

Small print

*Only Supra UK Ltd supplied key safes are installed by our install engineer partner.

** Install appointment will be the day after expected delivery date at the earliest.  Please allow at least 1 working day for delivery of your key safe before booking your installation appointment.  An appointment time is a 2 hour time slot expected time of arrival.

This installation service does not include alarm integration for the P500 KeySafe.

Please note the C500 and P500 Police accredited KeySafe™ models can ONLY be fitted into brick or concrete.

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