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Magnum KeySafe

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The durable Magnum keeps keys with the vehicle.  The Magnum attaches easily to the window of any vehicle and has a large storage volume.  It is very strong and secure.

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Convenient key storage for cars the Magum KeySafe offers more storage than other keysafes in the range

This model is available with a patented secure Title lock mechanism or with the Supra UK Security TouchPoint pushbutton combination lock, with 1024 possible combinations. For those applications where window access is impractical, a permanent-mount version is available.

We recommend this product should only be used in conjunction with fully secured sites that meet your insurance providers' standards. Where sites are fully secure and comply with insurer's requirments, nightly removal of the keys is not necessary.

These boxes can be used on non-secure sites as long as the keys are removed at night and we recommend that the key boxes are left open.

  • The Magnum is made of non-corrosive zinc alloy  

  • The padded foam back prevents damage to the vehicle window

  • No tools are needed to install the Magnum: it attaches easily to the window of any vehicle with a stainless steel hanger, that is securely riveted to the key box