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WIWE | Portable ECG Device - White

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WIWE is more than just a portable ECG; using powerful software, it is able to monitor and analyse your vital signs and flag any early warning signs of arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk-assessment in just one minute. These results can then be sent directly to your GP or specialist for further analysis.

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WIWE is a handy portable heart health monitor that can provide an insight into the warning signs around heart related conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, stroke and it is the World’s first in detecting sudden cardiac arrest. By analysing your vital signs with 98% accuracy, such as; ECG trace, blood oxygen and heart rate by yourself at home or when out and about, the WIWE can help you understand your condition or associated risks and help you feel more in control of your own health.

WIWE is a compact credit card size ECG monitor that links direct to a mobile device via bluetooth which means you can take a reading anywhere you are sitting down. The WIWE monitor takes the reading by placing your thumbs on the sensors for 60 seconds, the results on shown on your mobile device immediately in a user-friendly traffic light display and with additional detailed reporting. The detailed report can then be emailed directly to a medical professional.

Keep monitoring on a daily basis and you can track your progress or when you feel unwell. Over 50 recordings can be stored via the app and you can quickly see any significant changes in the traffic light display records.

Dr N Brown Out of Hours GP - Queens Medical Centre
“It can be slipped in a pocket and so is ideal for home visits and doctor’s bags, can easily be passed between clinicians in different rooms and obviously doesn’t need a couch to lie the patient on! The simplicity of use means the trace can be taken by anyone, even non-clinicians, and loan to the patient could be a viable option if home readings were required.
Overall an impressive, compact gadget that opens up numerous options for clinicians on the move, these requiring a quick rhythm check or QRS for medication initiation. The set-up is quick, the time taken for the reading is minimal and the gadget itself is light and aesthetically pleasing. It comes highly recommended”

  • Portable, compact and lightweight to carry around with you everyday
  • Easy to use at home and on the go
  • A 5 reading heart health summary is presented after a 60 seconds reading
  • Easy to read traffic light reporting display*
  • Store up to 50 readings
  • Email pdf reports straight to your medical professional
  • Monitor charge time: 2 hours
  • Monitor battery duration, dependant on use * if 2 recordings are taken daily the device should last for more than 7 days
  • 24 month warranty

*Never diagnose or treat yourself based on your readings. ALWAYS consult with your doctor. 

App available on: iOS 8.1+, Android 5.0+
Monitor needs to be within Bluetooth range of app device to record results information.