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A Supra key safe allows you to effectively manage access to authorised visitors without having to worry about leaving keys with neighbours or insecurely leaving spare keys under door mats. This grants you greater flexibility and freedom, allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life.

Key safes are ideal for allowing home carers access without having to run for keys or wait for vulnerable persons to access the door. Dog walking and cleaning services are able to gain immediate access without delay. Family members no longer have to carry spare keys meaning you’ll never be locked out again and children can let themselves in after school.


Dog Walking & Pet Care


Getting Locked out

Holiday Homes

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  • C500 KeySafe™

    Product code: 002049

    The C500 KeySafe is the only Police approved KeySafe. It has been designed following extensive consultation with users and has a large enough storage capacity for up to 6 keys.

      £ 59.94

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  • Permanent KeySafe™

    Product code: 001409(EU)

    This design has a solid track record and permits key storage for up to 5 door keys depending on key length and type


      £ 42.46

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  • Slimline KeySafe™

    Product code: 001324(EU)

    The Supra Slimline KeySafe provides convenient, key storage for up to 3 door keys depending on key type and length. The design has a solid track record for unmatched quality and security in residential and small business applications.

      £ 42.46

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  • S7 Big Box KeySafe™

    Product code: 001267(EU)

    The Supra S7 Big Box KeySafe provides strong, convenient, storage of multiple keys or access cards.  It is a particularly spacious alternative to other Supra KeySafe models and a particularly good choice for storing car keys and fobs.

      £ 58.46

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