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C500 KeySafe™ Self-Tapping Masonary Screws

Measurements - 60mm length from head of screw

6.3mm diameter tapering down to 5.7mm

Shank of screw 4.7mm

Head of screw 11.3mm 

The C500 KeySafe™ is supplied with 4 self tapping masonary screws. Self tapping, which means there will be no need for rawl plugs, the screws create their own thread into the brickwork. The screws have T-30 (Torq head) so a T-30 screwdriver will be required for installation. There are a few things to remeember, the screws are only supposed to be a one time use. Using it multiple times for, e.g change of location of the Key Safe will wear out the thread of the screws which will invalidate the Police Accreddidation that the C500 KeySafe™ is supplied with. They are masonary screws and again to keep the Police Accredidation of the Key Safe they must only be installed into brick or concrete ONLY.