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Code Cover

The C500 Code Cover fits to the back of the lid of the C500 KeySafe and is there to prevent unauthorised people changing the code. Particularly useful if you use your key safe for a holiday, tenanted or leased property. This cover is only compatible with the C500. This cover is supplied with one security screw to make changing your code difficult for your holiday guests, tenants or other users. The pack we supply complete with the corresponding 1/4 inch hexagonal magnetic security screwdriver bit

Weather Cover

Black weather cover protects the keysafe from the elements and helps to hide from view

T-30 Screwdriver

T30 screwdriver is ideal for installing the C500™ KeySafe securely, in line with LPS 1175.

5mm Drill Bit

5mm masonry drill bit will be required to install C500™ KeySafe using a regular electronic drill.