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SDS Power Drill

5mm Drill Bit

Permanant Marker 

Torq 30 Screwdriver/Screwdriver Bit

The KeySafe C500™ should ONLY be installed onto BRICK or CONCRETE

If you would like to install the C500 into another substrate, then the LPS accreditation becomes void. This does not necessarily mean that the product is less secure, it simply means that it has not been tested and as such cannot maintain its accreditation. The LPS test necessary for the C500 to be Police approved incudes testing the C500 itself and the installation. Without passing both parts, the C500 cannot achieve LPS 1175 and Police approval.

Step By Step Installation Guide - 

Remove the Key Safe from the packaging 

Remove the plastic weather cover

Open the Key Safe and remove the plastic code changing tool and red sticker