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Peace of Mind For Loved Ones with An Exclusive 50% Off

One Touch allows you to passively make sure that your loved ones are ok, without restricting them to stay in the house, or facing the cost and restrictions of a traditional care package, when they may not necessarily need or want one.

Alongside this emergency pendant goes our market leading Police Accredited KeySafe™ range, so you can be sure that you are aware, and able to gain access in the event that your loved one needs a helping hand.

And if you order both a Police Accredited KeySafe and a One Touch Pendant together, the KeySafe is half price.

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More information about the OneTouch Pendant

The One Touch online portal allows families to check on their loved ones' activity, as well as be there in case of emergency.

Geo Fencing allows alarms to be set if a user enters or exits a predetermined area, and GPS tracking can be turned on for users likely to wander.

One Touch is a perfect supplement for the active, independent lifestyle.

In case of emergency, the SOS button sends a call to three loved ones simultaneously. The first to answer starts a clear, two-way conversation, and sends a notification to the other two.