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When choosing how best to store your keys, security is of utmost importance. This is why our range of Police Accredited key safes are by far our most popular.

Both the Supra C500 Pro and Supra P500 Pro KeySafe™ are accredited to LPS 1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1, LPCB certificate number 1062a. This is a standard devised by BRE, which is also relevant to security doors, fences and gates. Certification to this standard allows us to boast the Secured by Design preferred specification; so you can be assured that whether you choose the Supra P500 Pro or Supra C500, your keys are safe and secure. Find out more about BRE and LPS1175 here.

Whilst the Supra C500 Pro and Supra P500 Pro have exactly the same attack standard, there are a few differences;

Anti-Attack Sacrificial Housing
Whilst the Supra C500 Pro is more than sturdy enough to withstand some serious attack force, the Supra P500 Pro is equipped with an additional metal inner compartment. This bolsters the rigidity of the key safe, further reducing the already small chance of being able to pry the keysafe from the wall or pry the box open. It also has a handy flap that covers your keys when inside, and holds the tool used to change your code.

Anti Saw and Drill Insert
In order to gain access to the Supra C500 Pro without the code, you'll need some serious machinery, skill and a lot of patience. The Supra P500 Pro adds to this with an additional layer of precious metals in between the reinforced zinc body and the strengthened alloy locking mechanism. It's for this reason we advise our customers to make sure you keep your code in a safe place! We don't hold any codes, and there's no override code, so if you forget how to get into your keysafe there's a good chance it's staying where it is!

Alarm Integration (Optional)
If your key safe is being fitted in a high traffic environment, you can choose the optional alarmed version of the Supra P500 Pro KeySafe™. This clever device wires into your existing grade 2 alarm system, and can trigger an alarm if opened (Pre-Alarm loop), and/or if the key safe is pried or unscrewed from the wall (24h loop). It's recommended that this version of the P500 Pro should be fitted by our alarm engineer, who should know how best to make this work for your specific needs.

Code Changing Cover
If you plan on having multiple users for your key safe, there may be a risk of somebody changing the code and neglecting to tell you. This could leave you unable to gain access to your key box. To combat this, the P500 Pro comes complete with a metal cover which shields the code change mechanism from unauthorised users. It simply screws into place with a security pin-torx bit, so you can still access the mechanism to change the code quickly and easily, with the correct tools.
You can purchase the code cover for the C500 Pro separately here.

If security is your concern, you're in safe hands with either Police Accredited Supra KeySafe™. Whilst the P500 Pro has a few additional security features, the C500 Pro is more than suitable for domestic use, as long as it's installed properly! Find out how to install the KeySafe here.

If you plan on using the key safe for a holiday home, or where there may be many users or a risk of tampering, then the P500 Pro may be the way to go. And it has a stylish matte black finish, so it doesn't stand out too much!

If you have any more questions, please refer to the comparison chart below, or get in touch through our Contact Us Page