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At The Key Safe Company, everything we do is about quality of life. Since 1995, we’ve been striving to help people live their lives independently, without restraints.

Everybody has a use for the key safe, whether it's for letting kids in after school or just to securely hold a spare front door key, just in case. The thing that we love most is being able to provide peace of mind.

With the UK population steadily growing, living longer and becoming more active, we're proud to be able to help you maintain your quality of life, whilst providing peace of mind for you, your children, parents and grandparents alike.

On 1st August, 2010, we began shipping our flagship Police Accredited KeySafe™ - The Supra C500. By combining industry leading security and simplicity for users, we think we created something pretty special; and that's backed up by our testimonials. Our reviews partner, eKomi, has collected over 2,000 glowing recommendations to date. With an average score of 4.8/5, we're really proud of this feedback.

Here are some of our favourites;

"I bought the best available key safe to protect my home. This safe is insurance and police approved. I was happy with the whole buying experience as I was kept up to date at all stages. Good Buy."

"Very substantial key safe delivered very quickly. Good email confirmation of the order and the courier was able to tell us the delivery time to a one hour slot.
Very impressed with the C500 key safe."

"High quality secure product - not the cheapest, but just may be the best.
I particularly liked the ability to have the Key Safe installed; a serviced which saved me a round trip of 300 miles when I ordered one for my elderly mother."

"Excellent, it is a strong & I feel safe keeping my key in this outside key safe."

Of course, we would say that. Find out for yourself what others say by checking out our third party review service, eKomi.

Two million key safes later, we're as passionate about your peace of mind as ever, and constantly looking for new ways to help improve quality of life for users and peace of mind for loved ones.

In Late 2016, we introduced One Touch - The Personal Alarm With a Difference. The elderly personal alarm device is nothing new, however we wanted to create something unique that matches our users; we wanted to release a device that is capable of providing peace of mind without restraints.

One touch allows peace of mind for loved ones by providing a personal alarm device that calls 3 family members at the same time. Not only that, but it doesn't just work at home. It works anywhere in Europe. We recognise that as the population ages, retirement is now the time to be more active, not the other way around. This way you can still be active and live your life, (Holidays included!) and your loved ones are a single button press away, just in case.

We also partnered with Sanatmetal to bring you WIWE - A Portable EGC Monitor which acts as a Stroke, Arrythmia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk assessment device.

Quality of Life and Peace of Mind can be a real struggle when living with, or recovering from health issues. By having a device such as WIWE, you can regularly assess your health and be aware of any potential warning signs. By using a heartbeat monitor and SP02 (blood oxygen) sensor, in less than a minute WIWE lets you know of any cause for concern.

The device gives all sorts of information to help ease your mind. Some of it is quite advanced for the average user, so we introduced a way of sharing these results with your GP for regular review.

Here is a recent review on the WIWE written by Dr. Kenan Raddawi, an e-health expert at Medgadget, a leading independent medical technology website.

With the popularity of One Touch and WIWE, we thought we'd go one further.

In mid 2017, we partnered with  Essence to bring to you the Care@Home™ Elderly Home Monitoring System. This extremely clever bit of kit allows loved ones to passively monitor their elderly relatives' activity, using unobtrusive and simple technology.

Quality of life and privacy is paramount with Care@Home™. The system uses familiar sensors (listed below) in order to build up an idea of your loved ones' typical day and sends an alert direct to you in the event that something seems off. This allows you to call your loved one directly and check that everything is ok, and be aware if they need some help.

Connected Care Devices

Control Panel

The brain of the care at home system this device is connected to the GSM network, meaning no landline is required. This future proof device is one of the first to be designed with the analogue switchover in mind, meaning it will work long after your BT telephone/landline becomes defunct.

P.I.R Units

The motion sensors you'd usually find in a burglar alarm. Great for detecting whether your loved one isn't as active as usual.

Door/Window Contacts

Again, like you'd find in a burglar alarm. Can help build a picture of whether your loved one has left the house, or left a window or door open.

SOS Pendant

The 'button and box' solution that we're all familiar with. A discrete (even stylish) device worn around the wrist or neck with an SOS alarm button for in case of emergency.

Fall Detector

A really clever device. Worn around the neck on an anti-ligature lanyard, this device has a clever algorithm that works out when your loved one has had a stumble. Great for the relative who won't raise the alarm for fear of being a nuisance.

Flood Alarm

Designed for the kitchen or bathroom. This device can detect when a bath or sink has been left on and started to overflow. Perfect for forgetful loved ones, including those living with Dementia or Alzheimer's.

Smoke Detector Alarm

Your average fire detector with a twist. As well as raising a local alarm, relatives receive a notification, too.

Voice Activated Pull Cord Unit

Much like a disabled toilet alarm, pulling the cord raises the alarm and starts a two way conversation. Unlike most, this device can be triggered by voice, by using a pre-set trigger phrase, so it's perfect if your loved one is struggling to get around.

Stationary Panic Button

If your loved one spends a lot of time in one place, such as bed or their favourite chair, a stationary button can be laced next to it for easy reach in case they start to feel unwell.

IPR Camera Unit

This one is to be used with extreme caution. The Care@Home system is not designed to be intrusive, and we recommend not using a camera unless completely necessary. This camera doesn't record video to try to protect your loved one's privacy, instead taking still JPG shots.

Universal Transmitter

Whilst the devices available are extremely flexible and varied, the universal transmitter allows an experienced engineer to integrate existing devices into the system. This is not for the inexperienced. If you do have a device that you'd like to integrate, get in touch and one of our technical team will help work through a solution.

Most importantly, the Care@Home™ system is EN50134 certified, so it can be connected to telecare call centres for round the clock care monitoring.

We like to think that for care, convenience and quality of life, we have it covered.

If you'd like to discuss your personal needs or have a challenge for us, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with our UK based team here.

Thanks for visiting.

The Key Safe Company

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