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Supra (UK) Ltd., trading as The Key Safe Company, was established in 1996 by Managing Director David Ogden.

Key safes have been in use in the United States for over 60 years, primarily for the real estate market. A key safe enables agents to show prospective clients around properties without the need to carry multiple sets of keys. 

While the UK property market is very different in comparison, the key safe has been adapted to many applications.

In the 1990s, David and his team concentrated primarily on selling and distributing Supra’s automotive range. Car dealers would use key safes to store the vehicle’s keys on the actual car itself. This enabled the seller to stay with the customer, eliminating the risk of losing a sale when the keys needed to be collected from the office.

The company began to see additional benefits for key safes. Through extensive research into the UK care industry, David discovered a great need for a secure yet convenient way to store keys and manage access when delivering home care.

Research found that because there were little access management alternatives, service providers were either running back and forth between homes and the office to collect keys. Service providers would also suggest that recipients left a key under the doormat, or even leaving the door unlocked.

David Ogden developed relationships with local authorities in the UK to raise awareness of the benefits of key safes in the healthcare market and even supported the development of local authority processes. This ensured that key safe became an essential part of the delivery of NHS home care in the UK, as the products maintained independent living for longer.


the keysafe product range shown together


Dedicated to improving and challenging the marketplace, The Key Safe Company heavily invested in developing the next generation of key safes.

Following two years of market research and customer feedback, the Supra C500 Pro KeySafe™ was launched into the UK market place in 2010, as the first Police accredited key safe in the UK. The Supa C500's™ name came from the 500 consumers consulted to deliver the perfect product. It is now a market leader, and the company's best-selling key safe- suitable for a multitude of applications.

In 2022, The Key Safe Company announced the incorporation of ark Life, a sister manufacturing brand, to help serve the mission of enabling better lives through high quality OEM access management solutions. 

Along with The Key Safe Company, ark Life is a trading name of Supra (UK) Ltd, representing the company’s R&D and manufacturing division whereas The Key Safe Company serves as the business’ distribution arm, bringing high quality Supra and ark brand products to market.

Trusted by over 2 million customers, The Key Safe Company and its products are enabling thousands of businesses and homeowners immediate, controlled access to their property or facility.

The company is based in Worcester, Worcestershire, employs over 25 staff and has a multi-million-pound turnover.