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Good Practice Guide

A key safe can help secure your home, when used properly. Read our best practices and tips below;

KeySafe Code Storage and Sharing

All Supra UK Keysafe's leave our warehouse uncoded.  Please be aware that neither Supra UK Ltd or their respresentatives are permitted to know or store KeySafe codes.

It is the responsibility of the KeySafe owner to remember the code they have set in their KeySafe.

It is also the owner's responsibility to pass the code to the people and organisations they have given permission to know it. 

Care organisations and health professionals abide by strict data protection regulations and will have a secure system of recording your KeySafe code so that it cannot be misused.

We suggest you keep a note of your KeySafe code in a safe place in case you forget it as without the correct code no-one will be able to open your KeySafe to access your keys. 

Please remember to make a new note each time you change or update your KeySafe code and don't forget to pass the new code on to your authorised code holders.

If you move house you have the option of taking your KeySafe with you to reinstall at your new home or leaving it uncoded with instructions for the next tenant or owner.