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Care at Home Family Safe | Stationary Panic Button Unit
Product Code: ES700SPD-EN-M01

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To be used alongside the Care at Home Family Safe Elderly Monitoring Package, this Panic Button unit can be used to raise the alarm from an area that your loved one frequents regularly; such as next to the bed or armchair.

This clever and discrete device is equipped with two way conversation, meaning that you can be aware of exactly what's wrong and provide reassurance to your loved one while you take whatever action may be required.

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The Care@Home™ Family Safe package allows a tailored care solution for your loved ones. An advanced interface gives family members peace of mind and their elderly relatives the ability to continue to live at home independently.

Package Contains
1 x Stationary Panic Button Unit

You can adapt the package and parameters to suit your loved one, creating a smart home monitoring solution that doesn't intrude into your loved ones' privacy. Using devices such as PIR (Movement monitors), magnetic door and window contacts, SOS alarms and smart devices that can sense extreme temperature, falls and even voice, the modular package learns a 'typical' level of activity for your loved one, and sends alerts directly to you in the event that something seems odd. It can even allow a two way conversation, so in the event of a false alarm your loved one can put your mind at ease immediately.

This smart home elderly monitoring package is EN50134 certified, meaning it can be connected to telecare call centres for round the clock monitoring.

Other pieces are available in related products

The system is completely modular, with multiple sensors (See related products below) and thousands of possibilities. There is even a 'universal transmitter' available which our technical team can work into a solution for any monitoring solution you need taking care of. Should your loved ones situation develop, you can add or remove sensors, rules and parameters as needed.

With complete access to your own dashboard, you can monitor activity at any time, as well as set your own rules.

Remote peace of mind
Tailored alerts are sent through to your mobile device, meaning even on holiday or when living far away, you can be notified of an issue and contact somebody nearby to help.

The system uses hardware thats commonly found in your house - PIR sensors, smoke alarms and magnetic contacts. This means the privacy of your loved one isn't sacrificed for peace of mind.

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