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With the UK’s original police preferred and most secure key safes

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Our Supra C500 KeySafe™ is perfect for sharing keys with carers, family members and trusted service providers.

Proceeds from the sale of the Supra Police Preferred Key Safe range help Age NI to deliver vital services to older people across Northern Ireland.

Age NI - C500 Police Preferred KeySafe™

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The Supra C500 coded Key Safe is the original Police Preferred key safe that can boast the title 'As secure as your front door'. It has been designed following extensive consultation with users and has a large enough storage capacity for up to 6 keys.

If you need a secure key lock box, then look no further.

Did you know?

The Supra C500 is one of two police preferred KeySafe's that we distribute. You can find out the difference here.

EAN: 090928020495

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Following extensive consultation with consumers, The Supra C500 Keysafe™ was designed to be the ultimate key safe in usability and security.
The Supra C500 Keysafe™ has been put through its paces to achieve LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 certificate 1062g (Find out more) security rating, which means it has undergone a series of rigorous and demanding tests devised by security experts (The LPCB) who concluded that, when installed as directed, the Supra C500 Keysafe™ is as attack resistant as a domestic front door. This accreditation is recognised by Secured By Design's Police Preferred Specifications and leading home insurance companies.
Please note that the Supra C500 Keysafe™ must be installed into brick or dense concrete to ensure the police accreditation. When installed and used as intended, this key safe is covered by a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

This key safe is supplied with a weather cover and 4 x wall tapping screws that do not require wall plugs.
If you wish to install the key safe yourself, you will need a T30 Screwdriver and 5mmx110mm Drill Bit.
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To find out the differences between the Supra C500 and P500, please click here.

  Height Width Depth
External* 149.35mm (5 7/8") 81.03mm (3 3/16") 63.5mm (2 1/2")
Internal* 81.28mm (3 3/64") 50.8mm (2") 22.86mm (29/32")

*Approximate Measurements 

  • Weight: 1,710g

  • The C500 is the original Police accredited key safe tested on external walls

  • The C500 has achieved an independent security rating from the the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to LPS1175 : Issue 6, Security Rating 1 which is devised by independent experts, including the Police, and the Association of British Insurers.

  • The large 81.3x50.8mm vault of the C500 allows you to store between 1 and 6 keys depending on key type and length (5-6 Yale type or 2-5 Chubb style keys)

  • It has an integral hook to ensure easy access to keys (65mm from hook to base)

  • It takes just 4 simple steps to access the keys stored inside a C500

  • There are over 4,000 possible combinations

  • You can change your code as many times as you want to maintain security

  • It is constructed from Zinc Alloy making it attack resistant

  • It is rust and water resistant and can be used in temperatures from - 32°C to 68°C.

  • Includes a rigid black weather cover to protect it from the elements which, as an added security feature, acts to shield the key safe fascia from view

  • Your C500 will come with a set of our recommended fixings which must be used to maintain the Police Certification. These are self tapping masonry screws that fix into brick or concrete without the need for rawl plugs 


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Why choose Supra C500 KeySafe™?

  • Peace of Mind

    UK’s most secure key safe - as secure as your front door


    Enjoy more time doing the things you love


    No more rushing back home to let someone in


    Easy installation and code changing

What about the Supra P500 KeySafe™ ?

Our Supra P500 KeySafe™ offers the same features as the Supra C500 KeySafe™ but with the added protection of an anti-tamper code changing cover - making it ideal for people who are living with Dementia and Alzheimer's.