Secured By Design - The Police Approved C500 KeySafeThe KeySafe is a safe and secure method of leaving keys outside a property, for a wide range
of reasons. Whether your Key box is for emergency purposes, to help a forgetful member of the family or to ensure the safety of an elderly
or vulnerable relative, secure key storage is the common sense alternative to leaving a key under
a doormat, gnome or plant pot.

Naturally, if a burglar was to gain access via a key under the doormat, an insurance company would be reluctant to help. But what of the KeySafe?
In developing the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and its LPS 1175 Level 1 certification, we have worked closely with UK insurance companies, and have undertaken tireless product development to ensure that where a C500 is fitted in accordance with our instructions;
“No claim for theft from a client’s home would be compromised or prejudiced”. 
We do, of course, recommend that you inform your insurers before any new installation, however the above statement is recognised by many leading underwriters, including;
Direct Line
Green Flag
Groupama Insurances
AVIVA and FORTIS in partnership with AGE UK.
A growing number of insurance companies are recognising the security benefits of the KeySafe, with a recommendation that it is installed properly and securely.
"If you must leave a key outside, use a police approved key safe and only give the code to people you trust".
Managing Director of LV Home Insurance, Selwyn Fernandes.