Which Key Safe is Best? 

There are many key safes available across the UK, each with varying functionality, suited to different uses. But which one is right for you? And how do you know what features to look for? 

While we cannot comment on the other key safe brands out there, we can offer you some advice and guidance to help find the answer you need, so read on to see some of our suggestions below! 

What’s the best key safe on the market? 

When selecting the best key safe, we always recommend choosing security over price. While a cheap key safe that “does the job” may be tempting, you may be unknowingly putting your home at risk as uncertified key safes tend to be less secure. Has the key safe been approved by the official police scheme or any third-party testing bodies? What sort of security rating does it have? These are the things you need to look out for when choosing the best device. 

That’s why we are proud that our police preferred key safes, the Supra C500 ProKeysafe™ and the Supra P500 ProKeysafe™, have been recognised by external certification bodies such as Secured by Design and the LPCB to make them the most secure mechanical key safe in the UK market. These wall-mounted key safes are easy to use and provide peace of mind thanks to their formidable LPS 1775 Issue 8 A5 attack standard, the only mechanical key safes to achieve this level of security.  

Angle shot of c500

What’s the most reviewed key safe? 

We cannot speak for every key safe distributor, but we can tell you about our most reviewed key safe.  

The product that continually stands out in our positive reviews is the Supra C500 ProKeysafe™, and it goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of this product. Not only is it very well received by consumers, but it’s also the most secure mechanical key safe available in the UK. The most notable benefits featured in our reviews include ease of use, how easy the wall-mounted key safe is to install, and the sturdiness of the key safe, which -along with the impressive security rating- offers our customers that added bit of reassurance. 


Where can I get the best key safe in the UK? 

Before purchasing your outdoor key safe, always do your research. The best place to shop is online, as you will, most of the time, be provided with more information, and you can compare products more effectively. You may want to look up terms such as “Supra key safe reviews” or “best keysafe review uk” to help you with your search. It goes without saying, but always ensure that you are shopping at a trustworthy store. Never buy a key safe just because it’s cheaper but look at the supplier credentials too. Do they specialise in key safes and have been doing so for a long time? Do they have good customer service reviews? 

 Do their products have any independent security certifications? If the answer is yes, then you are likely to have a good quality product that will securely protect the keys to your home.  


At The Key Safe Company, we are proud to have all the above. As a company that introduced the concept of storing a key in a box into Europe and currently celebrating our 25th anniversary, we know everything there is to know about secure yet customer-friendly key safes. That’s why our police preferred key safes are the most secure mechanical key safes available in the UK and have a 5-year warranty. Our Supra C500 ProKeysafe™ and Supra P500 ProKeysafe™ are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and the official police initiative ‘Secured by Design’.  


To ensure we are continually improving our customers’ experience, we use the reviewing site eKomi. We have proudly achieved a 4.8 out of 5-star customer satisfaction score and an eKomi “Gold Seal” of approval due to our excellent reviews. These reviews tend to complement our customer service and our next-day delivery and no-quibble return policy.  


What key safe should I choose based on reviews? 

When looking for a key safe based on reviews, you should always go for a device where users praise its sturdiness, security and ease of use. Whilst you can be forgiven by getting tempted by a low price (let’s face it, everyone loves a bargain!), let’s not forget that the key safe will be protecting your valuables, your pets, and most important of all, your family. Above all else, you need to focus on the security rating as a well-protected key means a well-protected home.