A smartphone showing the OMCONNECT app next to an eSafe smart key safe

One of the key features of any smart key safe is being able to manage access via compatible smart device app. With so many electronic key safe options on the market, the features and benefits of these apps can vary as greatly as those of the key safes themselves. Therefore, ensuring the companion app is packed with features should be an important consideration when purchasing a digital key box. Here, we take a look at OMCONNECT, the free companion app to our Bluetooth key safe, the eSafe, and explore what it can do.

Accessing the eSafe with OMCONNECT

Once you have downloaded the OMCONNECT app and paired it to your eSafe electronic key box via Bluetooth, you will be able to lock and unlock the smart key safe with a tap of the screen. Whenever you are within Bluetooth range of the device, a large button appears on the home page of the OMCONNECT app. This allows quick and easy access to the smart key safe box, without the need to remember lengthy combination codes.

Should you not have access to your smart device, the key safe can still be opened and closed using your manual entry code that is set during initial setup.

OMCONNECT can also be used to generate dynamic codes. These are randomly generated combinations that will unlock and lock the eSafe when entered manually. Dynamic codes are great for quickly granting one-time access, such as for a delivery.

Adding family members and others

Granting access to other users is simple with the OMCONNECT app. Once they have downloaded the app to their smart device, you can invite them to be a ‘family member’ of your eSafe electronic key lock box via the ‘Members’ section of the app. They can then select their permissions, allowing them Bluetooth access, password management, and dynamic code generation as required.

You can also add ‘other’ users who will not be able to select their own permissions. This can be useful for adding regular visitors, such as a cleaner or gardener, who will not require the same permissions as a family member. This allows you to stay in full control of what these users can and can’t do on the OMCONNECT app.

OMCONNECT also keeps a useful opening log. This tracks when the key safe was used, and by whom. The opening log is a great way to check loved ones have got home safely, or service providers have arrived when expected.

Assigning different code types

A good electronic lock box for keys should function well both online and offline. OMCONNECT allows various types of manual ‘offline’ codes to be assigned to the paired eSafe, which are entered using the numbered buttons. These codes are useful for anybody using the digital key safe lock box that may not have a smart device.

Assigned codes can even be programmed to only work at set times, on specific days for a given period. For example, a code could be created to only work for 9am to 5pm, every Monday to Friday, for 3 weeks. This type of assigned code is perfect for granting specified access to the digital key safe for a required period, such as a tradesperson.

These types of code could also be used by holiday letters or Airbnb guests, as a code can be set as active for the period of their stay only. By providing this type of code, it saves the guests downloading the OMCONNECT app, which makes the check-in process quick and straightforward.

Additional handy features 

OMCONNECT also has several extra functions for added benefit. Those wanting to manage more than one eSafe will be glad to know that multiple key safes can be paired to the app. Each device can be renamed to make them easy to identify – a great feature for holiday property owners and accommodation managers.

Another useful feature of OMCONNECT is the device battery status. The app will show you how much power remains, and even sends a notification when the battery is running low. This will give you plenty of time to get to the key safe and replace the batteries.

Added support from the UK’s access solution experts

As with all our products, the KeySafe Customer Support Team are on hand to support eSafe customers in any way we can. If you need additional help with the OMCONNECT app, or have any other questions about the eSafe, contact [email protected], or call 0330 363 0303.