It is estimated that 1 in 4 of us experience poor mental health each year.[1] Today, the 6th of February is Time to Talk Day, an initiative dedicated to eradicating the stigmas associated with talking about mental health.

two people hugging

The Key Safe Company would like to share some facts about mental health, and what you can do to help end the stigma surrounding it.

  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 800,000 die by suicide each year- this equivalates to one person every 40 seconds.[2]
  • Suicide is the leading killer in those aged 15-29 years.[3]
  • 60% of people with mental health problems waited over a year before they felt able to confide in friends and family.[4]
  • 45% of people with severe mental health problems have been victims of crime.[5]
  • 90% of people with poor mental health have reported experiencing stigma at home, in work or education. 65% of people felt that this stigma negatively impacted relationships.[6]
  • The global economy loses $1 trillion per year due to employees experiencing poor mental health.[7]

What we can do to help:

  • Ask questions and listen- don’t be judgemental or dismissive
  • If someone confides in you regarding their mental health, don’t start treating them differently
  • You may not be able to fix things, but knowing that you are there to support them will be a reassurance
  • If someone does decide to talk to you about the difficulties they face with poor mental health, be patient- opening up to you may be incredibly difficult for them.

For further mental health support for yourself, a loved one, or a colleague, see below for a list of organisations that will be able to provide help:

  • Rethink Mental Illness

            tel: 0300 5000 927


  • Mind Infoline

            tel: 0300 123 3393


  • SANEline

            tel: 0300 304 7000


  • Samaritans

            tel: 116 123