As part of a week of fundraising and education in aid of Dementia Awareness Week, four staff from The Key Safe Company learnt more about the condition by visiting Micron House, a specialist residential Care Home in Dudley. 
Alzheimer’s Society research shows that 800,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia, and more than half have Alzheimer’s disease. In less than ten years a million people will be living with dementia. This will soar to 1.7 million people by 2051.
Care Home Manager, Gail Butcher arranged for the Key Safe team to take an online course in dementia care to help educate the team on the disease.
Keysafe staff accepting their Dementia Care certificates
‘I was surprised how much I learnt from the course’ said Jess Lloyd from KeySafe. ‘the different types of dementia have a variety of effects on an individual’s personality but it is important for friends, family and carers to remember they are still the same person inside, we just need to find new ways of communicating with them through reminiscence and preferred activities’. 
The team completed their visit by spending time with the care home residents and were able to put their education into practice.
We spent time in the communal lounge with ten of the residents at Micron House, chatting, petting the care home dogs, watching Bridget Jones and even had the occasional outburst of song. 
Carly Baker recalls ‘I was apprehensive at first, but once I began opening conversations by asking the ladies questions about themselves, such as what they used to do for a job, or if they ever had any pets, they soon started to open up and actively share their stories. Some ladies found the questions difficult but once I found something they were interested in, they would chat away and become really happy and animated. One lady thanked me for coming and said she had enjoyed our talk and invited me to go visit her again, and I will!’
Care home dog relaxing at the feet of residents
The KeySafe team returned to the office even more determined to continue their fundraising efforts throughout the rest of this week, organising for the company to get involved in cake baking and a Jenga tournament. In addition to the money raised by staff, the organisation will also be donating a percentage of this week’s online profits to the charity.
We will keep you posted throughout the week!