Following the UK government's announcement that has outlined the nation's roadmap out of lockdown, numerous questions have arisen.

With warmer weather fast approaching as we reach spring, one question is at the forefront of many people’s minds- will holidays be possible in 2021?

While this question's outcome appears to be positive, there has been a rise in concerns regarding overseas vacations. Consequently, the UK has seen a surge in staycations.


So why has the nation now got a preference for a more local home away from home?

Following the outbreak of covid-19 and the UK's first lockdown back in March 2020, 9.4 million residents have had their package holiday cancelled, with passenger demand declining by a shocking 94.3% since 2019[1]. As a result, many potential holidaymakers are wary of booking another trip abroad in the event it is cancelled again.


In a recent survey by Schofields LTD, the majority of participants expressed concern over the travel and tourism industry's economic future. Furthermore, there were anxieties surrounding holidaymakers' physical health as different countries have varying coronavirus regulations.

Due to these factors, 83% of British holidaymakers would instead take their holiday in the UK, resulting in the staycation industry experiencing a boom in business[2]. Staycations eliminate the risk of tourists losing out financially and reduce or remove the need for passengers to wear masks in a confined space for long periods as they journey towards their destination. Holidaymakers have the option to travel in the safety and familiarity of their car instead.


General preference has also changed throughout the years, with an increase in Airbnb booking. 91% of travellers expressed the desire to "live like a local"- an opportunity not always available in holiday resorts[3]. The hospitality industry is constantly adapting to meet its customers' needs. Following a 35% decline in revenue for the travel and tourism industry, there is an even greater focus on ensuring the best experience for travellers[4].