Search & Rescue Vehicle

With it being estimated that over 2,000 people go missing in Surrey each year the county’s search and rescue team is often on high alert. That is why it has enlisted the support of The Key Safe Company to help improve response times.

With the area made up of nearly 80 per cent of rural land, the Surrey Search & Rescue (SurSAR) service need to be equipped to be the first to respond when a person goes missing. This means the team needs to be ready to jump into action and a range of key safes are ensuring unrestricted access to equipment at any time of the day.

Séamus Kearns, head of operations for SurSAR, explained: “Our team is one of the busiest search and rescue operations in the whole of Great Britain and we’re regularly called out to help search for missing people, including young children or adults, especially those who may be particularly vulnerable.

“We are lucky to have a range of resources, including search drones, vehicles and boats, available to help us move as quickly as possible, especially when time is crucial. In order to do this, we need to have instant access to this equipment, and we recognised that the services The Key Safe Company provides would be priceless to us.”

The Key Safe Company donated a range of key safe products to the service, including its leading Supra C500 KeySafe™ and S7 Big Box KeySafe™ to provide a secure method of storing keys to vehicles and buildings that are required during emergencies.

Séamus continued: “We are made up solely of volunteers and rely on donations to help us carry out our work so we’re grateful for the support offered by The Key Safe Company. It not only helps us significantly improve our response times but also helps to keep our operations moving as different volunteers can move vehicles around as required.

“It also means essential maintenance can be carried out whenever necessary and the real benefit to us is that codes can be changed or shared whenever we need them to be to ensure our equipment is never compromised.”

Volunteers are on call 24 hours a day and the team comprise of over 80 volunteers and six specialist rescue dogs. As the official Lowland Rescue for Surrey, the team is trained in rapid searching techniques and navigation to cover ground effectively and have first aid skills to help causalities.

Most recently The Department for Transport has donated a new lifeboat to the service and Séamus explained: “Again, we found ourselves in need of a way to securely store these keys for what is an invaluable piece of kit for us. Yet again The Key Safe Company came to the rescue and kindly donated an S7 Big Box KeySafe. We’re always safe in the knowledge that all of our equipment is secure and it offers a high-level of assurance, as products such as the Supra C500 is police accredited, meaning we’ve got 100 per cent peace of mind.”

The Supra C500 is the UK's only mechanical key safe that is police accredited through the Secured by Design initiative, achieving the LPS1175: Issue 6, security rating 1. The product has an accredited certification from The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection. Recognised by Secured By Design, as well as leading home insurance companies, the product has undergone rigorous tests devised by security experts to demonstrate a comparable attack resistance to a domestic front door.

The Supra S7 Big Box KeySafe™ is suitable when access to multiple keys or cards are required. It is a particularly spacious alternative to other Supra KeySafe models and a particularly good choice for storing car keys and fobs.

David Ogden, managing director for The Key Safe Company, commented: “Key safes provide a vital resource for all manner of applications but it’s humbling that our products can make such a tremendous difference. We recommend anyone who knows someone who could benefit from our service to get in touch.”

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