One obstacle that every runner faces is finding a way to carry ‘essential items’, such as keys, a mobile phone and a bottle of water. Some people try threading a key through a shoelace or hairband, whilst others rely on the fold-over key pocket in the mesh liner of shorts – but none of these places are very secure and you don’t want to retrace your six-mile running route looking for a key you may have dropped along the way!  

Zip pockets are much more secure, but you then have the constant jingle jangle of keys following you along your route, which is less than ideal.  Many people try to avoid this by leaving their keys externally ‘hidden’, whether this is under the door mat or in the plant pot. However, burglars are alert to these so-called ‘safe’ places and they are highly likely to use your keys, if they stumble across your hiding place.

One safe and secure solution is to use a key safe, such as the Supra C500 KeySafe™ from The Key Safe Company. This handy locked metal key box will sit on the exterior of your property and provides a secure method of storing up to six keys. The Supra C500 KeySafeTM is easy to install and is secured with a single code mechanical locking system, and the code can be changed as often as you like, providing peace of mind at all times.

This means you can lock away your keys when you go for a run and simply enter your code to retrieve them when you return, leaving you free to enjoy the fresh air and focus on achieving your fitness goals.