Everything You Need to Know About Resetting a Key Safe 

Have you ever lost a key before? Annoying, isn’t it! Not to mention the added inconvenience of having to get new keys cut or getting the locks changed.  

With one of our police preferred key safes, the risk and annoyance of lost keys is a thing of the past. The key to your home will be safely stored, ensuring optimum security - a far greater option than hiding a spare key under the door mat or handing out multiple copies that are at risk of getting lost or stolen. 

After installing the key safe to your property, you may have some questions regarding the security of your key safe and key safe code, including queries on how to “reset” your device. The good news is that below, we have provided the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions! 


How to reset a key safe? 

Our key safes are designed for ease of use and convenience, with our police preferred range offering the highest levels of security that have been achieved by a mechanical key safe in the UK. One thing you should know, regardless of whether it is a Portable Keysafe™, or an outdoor wall mounted one like Supra C500 Keysafe™, is that you first need to enter the latest key safe code before you’re able to reset it. If you have entered your code incorrectly and want to try again, always make sure you press down the “clear button” or “reset button”, found in the middle of the device. This will “clear” the code and you can try again, without having any incorrect numbers or letters invalidating the code. The need for a code means that there is no risk of your spare key falling into the wrong hands, compromising the security of your home.  

The additional good news is that with a code, you are in complete control of who can use your key safe and therefore access your home. When you have decided on your code, ensure you make a note of it, storing it somewhere safe, and make sure you only share the code with people you trust. 

Once you have gained entry to the key safe YOU can now reset the code and replace it with a new one of your choosing, follow the step by step Supra key safe instructions found in the handy pamphlet that comes with your device. When changing the code, you must use the white code changing tool found in your key safe. If you use anything else, such as a screwdriver, you risk damaging the coding mechanism which will cause it to stop functioning properly and will also invalidate the warranty of the device. 


When to reset a key safe? 

Now that you have a key safe installed, you may be wondering why you should reset your key safe code at all? Regularly changing the key safe code on your outdoor key safe is an important aspect of making sure your key and home are secure. The frequency you should do this depends on how widely you share the key safe code and on the level of trust you have for the person using it. As well as regular code changing, we recommend resetting your code if you are ever concerned that the security of your device has been compromised. Just make sure that once you have changed your code, you keep a note of it somewhere secure, as you cannot access your key safe without it. 

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Points to take away: 

  • You must enter the correct code to access your key safe as there is no reset button. This is for optimum security. 
  • When changing the code use the white tool found inside the key safe lid only
  • How often you change the code is up to you. If you suspect that that your code has been compromised, it’s always good to practice resetting the device and add a new code.  
  • Safely store a note of your code somewhere so you can always access your key safe. Only share your code with people you trust.