Protecting Your Airbnb

Handover of keys

In the business of Airbnb lets, one of the bugbears is the need to greet guests to exchange keys. For a property close to home, it’s not so difficult – but when it’s far away or if you’re managing multiple properties, the logistics can become tricky.

Many people try to overcome this issue by leaving their keys externally ‘hidden’, whether this is under the doormat or in a plant pot. However, burglars are alert to these so-called ‘safe’ places and they are highly likely to go looking for your hiding places, especially if they know the property is often left unoccupied.

When letting out your home, one of the simplest ways you can allow people secure access to a property is through a key safe, such as our Supra C500. This secure metal key box is easy to install on an exterior wall and gives you a safe way of storing up to six keys to your property.

The key safe can be securely opened using a pin code of your choice, which means you can lock your keys away and simply share the code with your guests and housekeeper whenever they need to access your property. Plus, for added peace of mind, you can change the pin code as often as you like.

It’s also one of the safest on the market as it is recognised by Secured By Design, as well as leading home insurance companies and the product has undergone rigorous tests to ensure your keys are safe.

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