While some people can reliably remember long series of numbers such as account numbers, mobile numbers – even national insurance numbers, others struggle to recollect even a four-digit code. Sometimes this is because memories are fading, but for others, maybe that’s just how it is. This can lead some people to choose a pin (Personal Identification Number) or code that is easy to remember, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Avoid falling into this trap when you’re programming your Supra C500 KeySafe™ and stay one step ahead of the scammers. With over 4,000 possible combinations for your key safe, we’ve made it as secure as possible to ensure maximum peace of mind. The benefit of the Supra C500 is that you can use up to 12 numbers or letters in your code and we recommend that it is between 5-7 digits.

It’s tempting to keep reusing the same code due to the sheer convenience but not only does this pose huge security risks, it’s also easy for someone else to guess.

When choosing your pin, always avoid ones that start with the number 19, as these are birth years and easier to guess. Each code you use, whether it is for your debit card, code entrance into work buildings or locker padlocks, should be different and unique. The more times you use the same code, the greater the chance it could be compromised, which is why it is best practice to have a range of different combinations tailored for each situation.

Changing your pin regularly is of the utmost importance; it is easy to forget how many people you have told. A major benefit of the Supra C500 is that the code can be changed, as many times as you wish and it’s simple and easy to do.

Find out how the Supra C500 can help you by visiting: https://keysafe.co.uk/c500-keysafe.html