Onetouch pendant in different colours

A recent independent study has highlighted some security flaws in GPS enabled pendants. Our Onetouch personal alarm does use a GPS tracker, please rest assured the online platform is different. It is secure and not open to the issues reported on in the press. Whilst other devices are similar in appearance to our One Touch Personal Alarm, that is where the similarities end. If you have not read the independent report you can find the article here:

Upon seeing this article, our technology partner was quick to respond regarding the Onetouch personal alarm with clarification that our personal alarm is not susceptible to the same vulnerabilities which have been recently highlighted. They reassured us that this same flaw is NOT prevalent in our devices, and without going into too much technical jargon our devices are not running standalone (like others), they are managed by the Onetouch platform through a unique password for each device.

Onetouch Portal shown on different devices

So what do you get from One Touch Personal Alarm?

In addition to peace of mind that help is just one press away, you get all these added security features.

System Architecture Device + Online Platform
Security High – with a unique device password created upon set-up.
Management Information Platform provides all relevant real-time and historical information, not the device.
Support Ticketed support network through
Online platform Full featured platform, allowing personal configuration and designed to manage high volumes.
Call Handling Online platform calls all 3 contacts simultaneously.
‘Geozones’ Personal ‘geozones’ with alerts when the user has left a specified ‘zone’.
SIM Multi network roaming SIM card (Not PAY AS YOU GO).

Your security is our priority

Security of the device and end user is of course our top priority at The Key Safe Company. Reliability of all our products is always in constant review and the Onetouch Pendant is included. If there is ever any breach of this, our customers will be the first to know.

You can find out more about the Onetouch Pendant here.