An Outdoor Key Safe Fit for All Weathers

how can outdoor key safe help in autumn

Now we are in the autumn months, many of us are enjoying the cooler weather and the crunchy fallen leaves that are just so satisfying to walk through. What we probably enjoy much less is the torrential rain and blustery winds.  

Many of us will also be bringing in items that are prone to rust, so we can use or enjoy them again when the weather is warmer and drier.  

One item that you should not need to worry about rusting is your wall-mounted key safe.  

While some cheaper brands of lock boxes and coded key boxes may perish quickly when exposed to the elements, our police preferred key safes are made from tougher stuff. They offer both security and reliability, as well as being able to withstand cold temperatures and wet weather, leaving you to make the most out of each season. 

 So, what is your favourite season, and how can a key safe help you enjoy it more? 

Enjoy Autumn with easy and secure access: 

Many of us enjoy the autumn season; even as it gets darker, there is Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to - an exciting time for kids!  

However, there is always the risk of your house key falling out of your pocket or bag when you're busy trick or treating. As you can imagine, it's stressful enough to retrace your steps to look for a lost key, even more so when it is wet and dark! A key safe eliminates the need for you to bring a key with you on your nighttime trip - simple! The key can sit securely in the outside key safe, ready to access when you get home.  

Winter is for family and key safes:  

The most wonderful time of the year - especially when you have one of our police preferred key safes installed! 

While snowy weather doesn't always happen when we would like it, we have occasionally been lucky with a white Christmas!  

As you have probably experienced before, the kids will want to be out in the slightest bit of snow, ready for a snowball fight or sledging down a nearby hill. A key safe removes the stress of having to dig around in the snow looking for a key lost while you were having fun with the family. 

Christmas time is always a time best spent with family. If you are visiting elderly loved ones, a key safe removes the need for them to get to the door and for you to wait in the cold.  You can enter the house quickly and spend more time enjoying a magical day together. 

Supra P500 police preferred

Spend more time out in Spring thanks to an outdoor key safe: 

Spring offers fresh weather and new beginnings. Many of us want to be outside, enjoying the spring scenery such as blooming daffodils and newborn lambs.  

How can an outdoor key safe help you enjoy this even more?  

Our external key safes are a great way of storing the key to your home, so you can enjoy a long family dog walk or Easter holiday trip, knowing that your house key is secure inside one of our police preferred key safes for you to access when you get home. You can focus on what matters rather than worrying over the possibility of a lost key and having to call out a locksmith. 

How a police preferred key safe can improve your Summer: 

Summer is an exciting time for many families. Children are off from school until September, and parents are busy planning holiday trips and activities.  

For older children, summer is spent with friends and letting off some steam following a month of exams. As a parent, you will always worry about your child getting home safely, and that's where our key safes can help.  

A lot of parents won't be able to take the full six weeks off from work and will still have to go to work while their children are off from school. This means that some older children will have to rely on a spare key to get them into their homes. 

However, have you ever had to leave work early, rush home just so you can let your teenager inside? High schoolers losing their spare house key is a common, expensive and time-consuming problem. 

Our key safes eliminate that inconvenience. Rather than your kids keeping a key in their pocket that could fall out anytime, all they need to do is enter the key safe code to safely gain entry. That way, they can look forward to their next day out with friends, and you no longer have to worry about your child getting home safely. 

What else do you need to know about our outside key safes? 

It is "safe" to say that our push button key safes have been made to withstand all weather. The Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™ both come with a rigid black weather cover protecting them from the elements. Our Supra wall-mounted key safes are constructed from rust and water-resistant zinc alloy and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from - 32°C to 68°C. 

It's no wonder our Supra C500 KeySafe™ was voted the best outside key safe by Real Homes Magazine! 

Our police preferred range of key safes also comes with a simple twist-dial mechanism that is much easier to use than other locking mechanisms you find on devices. The scroll action on some lock boxes can be fiddly to operate with cold fingers! 

We also offer a straightforward installation service that is arranged at your convenience. Alternatively, you can install the device yourself with support from our handy installation video guide.