How Can Secure Key Storage Support You When You Leave Hospital?

While we can look after our health and make sensible life choices, it’s likely that we will all have to visit hospital at some point in our lives! While for many of us, this will be a quick visit because we have picked up an unpleasant bug or had a minor accident that needs treating, some people will need to recover for a much longer period. If you have left hospital and are receiving aftercare at home, the last thing you want to be concerned about is poor key storage. No one wants to spend their recovery worrying about key security or access for healthcare staff. 

With our range of permanent and temporary keys safes, you don’t have to! Our police preferred devices, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and the Supra P500 KeySafe™, offer greater key security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones when you return from the hospital. This is thanks to their impressive security rating and third-party certifications- something that you are unlikely to find with a generic lock box. Visit this link to find out the differences between a lock box and a key safe

Here’s how one of our wall-mounted key safes can support you when you leave hospital. 

Outside key safes ensure quicker hospital discharges:

If the worst was to happen and you have had an accident or fallen ill, you may be unable to leave hospital until a care package has been put in place to ensure that you can return home safely. It can be very frustrating having to remain in hospital, especially if you are a very independent person! A key safe can help prevent delays and make sure that you can return home sooner to begin your recovery, while enabling carers quick and safe access to your home.
Not everyone who leaves hospital will need long-term care, and that’s where our temporary range of key safes, the J5 Over the Door KeySafe™ and the Portable KeySafe™ are a great solution! These key safes ensure quick transfer from hospital back home, even if you only require a care package for a few weeks . Once you have recovered, you can easily remove these solutions from your property. If you find our outside key safes handy, you could always replace the temporary devices with a more permanent solution, such as our Supra C500 KeySafe™.

Need a key safe urgently? We can help there too! With free next working day delivery to mainland UK, our range of key safes can be up and running quickly, preventing any further delays getting you home.

outdoor key safe help people leaving hospital

Easy access solution for emergency services:

Easy access solution for carers and emergency services:
Our key safes mean peace of mind!
When you return home from the hospital, you may have to rely on a carer. If you have difficulty moving about, a key safe means that you don't need to get to the front-door to let the carer in.
What happens if you have a fall or an accident? We can offer you reassurance, as our police preferred key safes provide emergency services with quick and easy access into your home to deliver potentially life-saving care. A key safe removes the need to find an alternative entrance or wait for police to break down the door.

Key storage allowing quick access for friends and family:

Just because you are recovering from a trip to hospital, doesn’t mean you need to be isolated from friends and family! Not feeling quite ready for daytrips? That isn’t a problem with a key safe! All you need to do is let your loved ones know the code and they can let themselves in, so you can enjoy an afternoon with the people who matter most, without the worry of potentially falling while answering the door.

Straightforward outdoor key safe installation:

Think that one of our police preferred key safes might be right for you? We are also pleased to tell you that we offer a professional installation service, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone handy with a drill to fix the key safe onto the property for you!